2015: George Soros looks back on the Decade of Roma Inclusion


Interviewed by Margareta Matache

The launch of the Decade of Roma Inclusion in 2005 raised hopes, promised much, and disillusioned many. But was it a lost decade? Ten years on, in this interview George Soros looks back and notes that Roma still face shocking racism and remain “woefully underrepresented in international organizations, national governments, and municipalities”.

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Destroyed houses and a lot of confused people


An interview about the Hadareni Pogrom with human rights activist István Haller - 10 years from the ECHR judgment and 22 years from the pogrom.

Today we remember the European Court of Human Rights decision in the Moldovan and others case. 

10 years ago, on July 12, 2005 the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Romania violated multiple articles from the European Convention on Human Rights for failing to provide justice in connection with a 1993 pogrom. 

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The so-called “Roma issue” is not merely a poverty question


Interview with dr. Rita Izsák United Nations Special Rapporteur on minority issues

The Independent Experts of the UN are required by the Human Rights Council to present every year an annual report at one of its regular sessions in Geneva .Based on a Human Rights Council resolution adopted in 2014 June, Dr. Rita Izsák has been invited to present an additional study on the human rights situation of Roma worldwide, with a particular focus on the phenomenon of anti-Gypsyism earlier this week. We take this occasion to interview her about her findings and to get an overview of challenges Roma people face around the world. 

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Challenging Segregation Again – an Interview with Peter Molnár


By Bernard Rorke

In an interview with Bernard Rorke, Peter Molnár explains how his ongoing court battles with the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources for access to information on school segregation is part of a wider response to anti-Roma hate speech. Peter is an internationally renowned expert on freedom of speech, a writer, slammer, radio host and activist. 

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Talking with Thomas Hammarberg


By Bernard Rorke

In an interview with Bernard Rorke, the former Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg discussed anti-Gypsyism and the Swedish White Paper; poverty and exclusion in Romania; why the French government tried and failed to have him dismissed; hate speech and hate crime in the Czech Republic and Hungary; what’s at stake in our democracies today, and why you should never spy into a child’s diary.

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