Roma in Ukraine: Council of Europe ‘disappointed, concerned, alarmed’


By Bernard Rorke

While Ukrainian society “continues to be tolerant, open and respectful of multiple identities” it seems that this benevolence does not stretch to include the Roma. The Council of Europe’s Advisory Committee for the Protection of National Minorities, in its latest opinion on Ukraine*, describes the situation of the Roma as “one of the most pressing social problems in Ukraine” and details how Roma continue to face deep-seated difficulties in access to education, housing, health services, and employment; and that Roma still “suffer from school segregation, widespread anti-Gypsyism, including hate speech.”

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Celebrate our strength, struggle for dignity and leave no one behind sisters!


By Anikó Orsós

Today on International Women’s Day, we at the ERRC want to celebrate our victories and the work of women’s rights activists in and out of our office, and all around the world.  We want to say a big ‘thank you’ for all the efforts and inspiration in our collective fight for women’s rights, equality and justice. Through our actions we say STOP to sexual harassment, violence and discrimination against women.

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Is Viktor Orbán a racist? You decide…


By Bernard Rorke

‘Racist’ is not an epithet that senior, highly respected human rights defenders bandy about lightly. It’s a deadly serious allegation to make about a head of state. So, it was quite a moment when UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein called out Viktor Orbán as one of Europe’s xenophobes and racists who have “cast off any sense of embarrassment”.

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The Roma and Dalits: Collectivity and Fraternity


By Gopalakrishnan Karunanithi*

In this guest blog Professor Karunanithi draws some parallels between the Roma in Hungary and Dalits in India to explore the transferability of models of empowerment, self-help and development for marginalised women.

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Dear Commissioner Jourová: What does the EU intend to do about school segregation in Slovakia?


By Bernard Rorke

It’s almost three years since the European Commission launched an infringement procedure against Slovakia for racial segregation of Romani children in its schools. The evidence suggests that nothing has changed for the better in the interim. What will the Commission do next?

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