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Research & Advocacy: Rom beatified by the Roman Catholic Church
15 July 1997

News & Events: European Roma Rights Center Letter to the Prime Minister of Spain
22 July 1999

Research & Advocacy: The Multiregional Operational Program Fight Against Discrimination “ACCEDER”
31 March 2006

Research & Advocacy: Romani settlement in Spain becomes national controversy
3 April 1999

Research & Advocacy: Discrimination against Romani Women in Spain
15 December 2004

Research & Advocacy: Spanish court denies pension to Romani widow
12 April 2000

Research & Advocacy: Workshop on human rights litigation on behalf of Roma
15 July 1999

Research & Advocacy: Seven policemen sentenced for detaining and torturing a Romani family in Madrid
15 July 1999

Research & Advocacy: Parents of 633 students boycott the admission of three Romani children in Spain
11 July 2000

Research & Advocacy: Forced eviction of 1000 Roma in Spain
5 September 1999

News & Events: Discrimination Against Romani Women in Spain
7 July 2004

News & Events: ERRC Submission on Spain to UN Women's Rights Committee
5 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: Romani houses to be demolished in Spain
5 December 2000

News & Events: Spanish Authorities Fail to Provide Alternative Accommodation for Forcibly Evicted Romani Families
22 February 2005

Research & Advocacy: European Commission on Racism and Intolerance Reviews Spain
7 February 2004

Research & Advocacy: Roma expelled from Spanish municipality
7 November 1997

Research & Advocacy: Spanish policy and Roma
15 August 2001

Research & Advocacy: United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women Reviews Spain
11 March 2005

Research & Advocacy: The State and the Roma in Spain
21 July 2005

Research & Advocacy: Garavindo Raporto Europake Rromane Čačimaske Centrosko Pala Espanjako pandžto periodikano raporto Komitetoske pala phagavipe e diskriminaciako mamuj/kontra džuvlja - Shadow report of the European Roma Rights Cntre on the Kingdom of Spain's Fifth periodic report to the Committee on Elimination
21 July 2005

Research & Advocacy: Bulldozers in Valencia Leave Ten Romani Families Homeless
22 July 2005

Research & Advocacy: Spanish Romani Neighbourhood Attacked
22 July 2005

Research & Advocacy: Spanish Roma Deprived of a Place to Practice their Religion
22 July 2005

Research & Advocacy: Health Access for Roma Improves with Award-Winning Programme
1 February 2006

Research & Advocacy: Evictions in Valencia
1 February 2006

Research & Advocacy: Eleven-Year-Old Romani Girl Attacked at School in Spain
13 November 2006

Research & Advocacy: Charges Brought in Spanish Racial Violence Case
18 May 2007

Research & Advocacy: Recent Survey Reveals Poor Living Conditions of Spanish Roma
20 November 2007

Resource Centre: Basic Facts on Roma - Spain
28 August 2010

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to UN CEDAW on Spain (June 2004)
21 June 2004

Research & Advocacy: Informe del ERRC a CEDAW sobre España (junio de 2004)
21 June 2004

Human Rights Education: Juan Ramon Flores Campos
12 November 2013

ERRC submission to UN HRC on Hungary (February 2018)

14 February 2018

Written Comments of the European Roma Rights Centre concerning Hungary to the UN Human Rights Committee for consideration at its 122nd session (12 Narch - 6 April 2018).

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The Fragility of Professional Competence: A Preliminary Account of Child Protection Practice with Romani and Traveller Children in England

24 January 2018

Romani and Traveller children in England are much more likely to be taken into state care than the majority population, and the numbers are rising. Between 2009 and 2016 the number of Irish Travellers in care has risen by 400% and the number of Romani children has risen 933%. The increases are not consistent with national trends, and when compared to population data, suggest that Romani and Traveller children living in the UK could be 3 times more likely be taken into public care than any other child. 

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Families Divided: Romani and Egyptian Children in Albanian Institutions

21 November 2017

There’s a high percentage of Romani and Egyptian children in children’s homes in Albania – a disproportionate number. These children are often put into institutions because of poverty, and then find it impossible ever to return to their families. Because of centuries of discrimination Roma and Egyptians in Albania are less likely to live in adequate housing, less likely to be employed and more likely to feel the effects of extreme poverty.

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