Full scholarships available for Roma

Central European University (CEU), with the generous financial support of the Ford Foundation, is offering an "Access" Course for 16 young promising Roma in Budapest. Full scholarships are awarded, covering travel, tuition, housing, and meals.


to gain equal access to post-graduate education through open competition at CEU and in the US through 

  • being able to achieve a score over 550 in TOEFL
  • accustomizing students to advanced academic life
  • academically prepare them for their chosen field of study
  • involve Roma students in the core degree programs of CEU
  • at the same time, students can become actively involved at CEU or related programs such as the Human Rights Students Initiative, Roma participation program, and others.


The course will start in March 2004 and last until December 2004. It is a combination of

1. English language training
2. writing for academic purposes
3. discipline specific tutoring in the field of your choice
4. academic courses in the field of your choice

Who should apply?

Roma in Central and Eastern Europe (excluding former Soviet Union) who have:

  •  their first university degree in any field<
  • interest in post-graduate university education
  • basic English language skills
  • desire to be working in a multicultural environment


Your application must include:

1. Completed Application Form (can be obtained from )
2. CV, including academic background, work experience if any, and involvement in Roma related issues in your country if any. English is preferred, but the CV may be written in local language
3. One Reference Letter from a recognized Roma organization
4. Letter of Intent, stating why you would like to participate in this program. This letter may be written in local language, although English is preferred.
5. Copies of all University Documents (diploma and/or document showing your grades)

Please send all information to:
Nador u. 9
H-1051 Budapest

Or: sep@ceu.hu

The deadline for posting applications is November 28th, 2003. Late applications may be considered on a case-to-case basis. Interviews will take place locally in mid-December.

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