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Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to UN CESCR on Romania (March 2014)
28 March 2014

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to UN HRC on Romania (January 2014)
22 January 2014

Research & Advocacy: Hidden Health Crisis: Health Inequalities and Disaggregated Data
22 November 2013

News & Events: ERRC Calls on States to Collect and Publish Data to Address Roma Health Gap
22 November 2013

Research & Advocacy: Criza ascunsă din sănătate: Un Raport al Centrului European pentru Drepturile Romilor
22 November 2013

Research & Advocacy: Roma Rights 2, 2009: Multiple Discrimination
27 April 2010

News & Events: ERRC Highlights Roma Rights Concerns in Russia
5 June 2008

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to UN CAT on Macedonia (May 2008)
13 May 2008

News & Events: Discrimination against Roma punished by the Court
19 July 2007

News & Events: European Court of Human Rights Declares Macedonia Roma Rights Case Admissible
11 May 2006

News & Events: Hungarian Appellate Court Upholds Release of Wrongly Convicted Roma
3 May 2006

News & Events: Strasbourg Court Finds that Czech Government Violated Right to Fair Trial
1 March 2006

News & Events: Bulgarian Court Finds the National Prosecutor's Office Discriminated Against Roma
3 February 2006

News & Events: Hungarian Court Acquits Two Romani Men after 2100 Days in Prison
1 August 2005

Research & Advocacy: Tara Bedard - Stepping
15 December 2004

Research & Advocacy: News Roundup: Snapshots from Around Europe
30 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: Roma Rights 2, 2004: Ethnic Statistics
29 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: Chronicle
29 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: “Stigmata: Segreguime Edukacia e Rromengi ande Centralo thaj Easto Europa”
29 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: The Culture of Giving and Roma Charity
29 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: Void at the Centre: (The Lack of) European Union Guidance on Ethnic Data
26 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: Ethnic Monitoring, Gypsies and Travellers
26 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: The Monkey That Does Not See
23 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: Legitimacy, Statistics and Research Methodology - Who Is Romani in Hungary Today and What Are We (Not) Allowed to Know About Roma
22 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: The United Nations Development Programme's Vulnerability Projects: Roma and Ethnic Data
22 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: Ethnic Statistics
21 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: Stigmata: Segregated Schooling of Roma in Central and Eastern Europe
2 May 2004

Research & Advocacy: Controversial Segregated Private School Approved after Election of Non-Romani Minority Representatives in Hungary
10 May 2003

Research & Advocacy: Roma Rights 3-4, 2002: Segregation and Desegregation
7 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: In the Dark: Segregating Roma in Lithuania
7 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: Minorities and media freedom under international law
7 December 1999

ERRC Joins Call to End Childhood Statelessness in Europe

22 November 2016

Budapest, London, 22 November 2016: Today the European Network on Statelessness (ENS), representing over fifty civil society organisations from across Europe, including the European Roma Rights Centre, will hand over a petition to members of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe calling on European leaders to commit to ending childhood statelessness.

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Nucené a Kruté: Sterilizace a její důsledky pro Romské ženy v České Republice (1966-2016)

28 November 2016

Tato zpráva zkoumá praktiky nedobrovolných sterilizací v České republice, tak jak si je proti jejich vůli a bez svobodného souhlasu prožily romské ženy. Spolu s přehledem institucionálního, právního a politického kontextu, v rámci kterého se tyto sterilizace konaly, se zpráva zaměřuje především na osobní svědectví sterilizovaných romských žen. Ta byla získána prostřednictvím individuálních rozhovorů a v rámci skupinových diskuzí 22 nedobrovolně sterilizovaných žen.

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Coercive and Cruel: Sterilisation and its Consequences for Romani Women in the Czech Republic (1966-2016)

28 November 2016

This report examines the practice of coercive sterilisations in the Czech Republic as experienced by Romani women against their will or without free and informed consent. Along with a review of the institutional, legal and policy context within which these sterilisations took place, the main focus of the report is on the personal experiences of sterilised Romani women.

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