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Strategic Litigation: Hirtu and Others v France
19 January 2015

Research & Advocacy: Roma Rights 1 2014: Going Nowhere? Western Balkan Roma and EU Visa Liberalisation
1 October 2014

News & Events: ERRC calls on Macedonian Authorities to Stop Blocking its Citizens from Leaving the Country
23 September 2014

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to UN HRC on Macedonia (July 2014)
25 July 2014

News & Events: Highest Court in Macedonia Upholds Freedom of Movement for all Macedonians, Including Roma
15 July 2014

News & Events: ERRC Challenges Discrimination of Roma at the Border Before the Constitutional Court of Macedonia
26 February 2014

Research & Advocacy: France: Profil de pays 2011-2012
15 January 2014

News & Events: ERRC Calls for an End to Walls that Divide Us All
22 August 2013

Research & Advocacy: France: Country Profile 2011-2012
17 July 2013

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to UN HRC on Macedonia (June 2013)
25 June 2013

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to the European Commission on Macedonia (May 2013)
22 May 2013

News & Events: New Deal between France and Romania on Roma Returns Must Not Breach Rights to Free Movement
14 September 2012

News & Events: ERRC editorial in EUobserver: France needs to stop Roma evictions
4 September 2012

News & Events: Hollande Should Keep His Election Promises Regarding Roma
22 August 2012

News & Events: Roma Evicted in France as New Government Fails to Find New Solutions
10 August 2012

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to UN HRC on France (July 2012)
10 July 2012

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to the European Commission on Macedonia (May 2012)
29 May 2012

News & Events: Roma Face Barriers to Freedom of Movement in Macedonia
20 April 2012

News & Events: Factsheet: Roma Rights in Jeopardy
16 February 2012

News & Events: No Place for Roma: French and Italian Authorities Aggressively Evict Roma
11 August 2011

News & Events: Romanian Authorities Urged to Stop Private Security Patrols
2 August 2011

News & Events: ERRC Executive Director Robert Kushen: Sticks and Stones and Words that Hurt: Roma Rights in Quotation
5 July 2011

News & Events: ERRC Urges End to Police Profiling of EU Roma in Denmark
20 June 2011

News & Events: Danish Authorities Reverse Decisions in Roma Expulsions
18 April 2011

News & Events: ERRC Calls on Rome Authorities to Halt Practice of Forced Evictions
8 February 2011

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to UN UPR on Denmark (November 2010)
19 November 2010

News & Events: ERRC Provides European Commission Evidence of French Violations of EU Law
28 September 2010

News & Events: ERRC Challenges Danish Expulsion of EU Roma
6 September 2010

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to UN CERD on France (August 2010)
23 August 2010

News & Events: SPOTLIGHT ON FRANCE: Targeted Evictions and Deportations of Roma
19 August 2010

News & Events: Al Jazeera: Expelling the Roma
4 August 2010

News & Events: ERRC Urges French President to Halt Mass Eviction and Expulsion Plans for Roma and Travellers
29 July 2010

News & Events: Mass Arrests and Deportations of Romani EU citizens in Copenhagen Condemned
12 July 2010

News & Events: European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) study “Respecting, Protecting and Promoting the Right to Free Movement and Residence in the Member States of the European Union: The Case of the Roma”
23 March 2009

Research & Advocacy: Roma Rights 2, 2008: Italy's Bad Example
18 March 2009

News & Events: Roma Rights Coalition Targets Italy at Upcoming UN Review - UN Racial Discrimination Committee to Review Italy, as Italian Police Continue to Terrorise Roma in Their Homes
18 January 2008

Research & Advocacy: Swiss Travellers Demand Protection from Discrimination
19 June 2007

News & Events: ERRC Deeply Concerned about Czech Prime Minister's Statements on Equal Opportunity
6 April 2007

News & Events: Justice for Romani Victims of Racial Discrimination in Bulgaria
8 June 2006

News & Events: UN Anti-Racism Committee Rules against Serbia and Montenegro
17 March 2006

Research & Advocacy: Discrimination against Swedish Roma at Campsites
1 February 2006

Research & Advocacy: Court Punishes Disco for Denying Entrance to Roma on Racist Grounds
1 February 2006

Research & Advocacy: Roma Denied Entry to Czech Discotheque
1 February 2006

Research & Advocacy: ERRC Wins Anti-discrimination Case against Bulgarian Restaurant
1 February 2006

News & Events: Court Punishes Disco for Denying Entrance to Roma
26 August 2005

Research & Advocacy: Slovak Bus Driver Convicted of Defamation of Roma
22 July 2005

News & Events: Hungarian Discotheque Fined for Unequal Treatment
21 June 2005

Research & Advocacy: Victory in ERRC
11 March 2005

Research & Advocacy: Propiska
7 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: Romania adopts measures to stop emigration
7 July 2004

Research & Advocacy: Roma Charged Under Sanitary Decree Found Not Guilty
28 May 2004

News & Events: Romani Activists Statement: Open Society Institute/World Bank Conference July 2, 2003
4 July 2003

News & Events: ERRC Letter to European Commissioner Romano Prodi Concerning Human Rights Emergency in Macedonia
22 May 2003

News & Events: Lawsuit filed with the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination for refusal to allow Roma into discotheque in Serbia and Montenegro
2 April 2003

News & Events: ERRC press release: Justice for Romani Families Collectively Expelled from Italy
14 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: Romanian Authorities Stop Roma from Leaving the Country
7 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: Roma to be Expelled from Denmark
7 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: Harsh Immigration Law Passed in Italy
7 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: Roma Segregated on Public Transport in Italy
7 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: Evictions of Roma in Romania
7 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: Roma Evicted in Budapest
7 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: Collective Expulsions of Roma Around Europe... And Again the European Court of Human Rights Rules the Practice Illegal
7 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: Stateless Roma Detained at Airport in the Romanian Capital
7 November 2002

Research & Advocacy: Romanian Roma Detained on Racist Grounds at Airport in Italy
10 July 2002

Research & Advocacy: Collective Expulsion of Roma from Portugal
10 July 2002

Research & Advocacy: UNHCR Warns Against Forced Expulsion of Kosovo Roma Refugees from Germany
10 July 2002

Research & Advocacy: ERRC Submits Written Comments Concerning Roma Rights Issues in Hungary to the UN Human Rights Committee
7 May 2002

Research & Advocacy: Landmark Decision by Strasbourg Court in Expulsion Case
7 May 2002

Research & Advocacy: Romanian town plans ghettoisation of Roma
7 November 2001

Research & Advocacy: 47 Latvian Roma refused entry to Estonia
7 November 2001

Research & Advocacy: Romani family reportedly expelled in the Netherlands
7 November 2001

Other: Konvencia pala e manušikane čačimata, bazične slobode thaj lengo arakhipen/protekcia
15 August 2001

Research & Advocacy: Discrimination against Roma in Hungary
10 April 2001

News & Events: Campland: Racial Segregation of Roma in Italy
3 November 2000

Research & Advocacy: ERRC appeal not to expel Slovak Romani refugees from Belgium
11 July 2000

Research & Advocacy: German border authorities refuse entry to Roma
12 April 2000

Research & Advocacy: Czech authorities build ghetto wall, tear it down again
7 December 1999

News & Events: Lawsuit filed by Czech counsel and ERRC Against Usti Wall
13 November 1999

News & Events: Europes Walls for Gypsies
26 October 1999

News & Events: City Authorities Build Ghetto Wall in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
14 October 1999

News & Events: ERRC Demands Effective Action in Halting Czech Apartheid
7 October 1999

Research & Advocacy: ERRC letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland concerning reintroduction of visa requirement for Slovak citizens
5 September 1999

Research & Advocacy: Roma sent away from campsite in Norway
5 September 1999

News & Events: Open letter to Ms Tarja Halonen, Minister for Foreign Affairs in Finland
6 July 1999

News & Events: Open Letter to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
28 May 1999

Research & Advocacy: Roma and the Kosovo conflict
3 April 1999

Research & Advocacy: Czech Romani MP barred from entering a disco
5 January 1999

Research & Advocacy: Swedish appeals court finds two shop-owners guilty of ethnic discriminationagainst Romani woman
2 April 1998

Research & Advocacy: Private television station in Portugal promotes Romani mayoral candidate
7 November 1997

Research & Advocacy: "Local apartheid" in Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary
7 November 1997

Research & Advocacy: Roma Rights Activists Score Successes in Hungary and the Czech Republic
10 April 1997

Vacancy Notice: Financial Director

29 January 2015

 The position bears responsibility for all financial planning, procedural management and reporting by the ERRC towards management, staff, ERRC donors and tax authorities. The position shall ensure financial resources are budgeted, expended, monitored, accounted for and reported under proper authority and control.

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Policy Officer (focus on Hungary)

26 January 2015

Analysing policies concerning Roma access to education, housing and social services in EU member states and candidate countries, with special attention to segregating and discriminatory outcomes of policy measures. 

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Pályázati felhívás társadalom-tudományi kutatás elvégzésére

12 January 2015

Az Európai Roma Jogok Központja Alapítvány (ERRC) kutatót keres társadalom-tudományi kutatás elvégzésére. A kutatás célja, hogy ismereteket szerezzen egy, vagy kettő a kutató által kiválasztott megyében a magyar gyermekvédelmi rendszer helyi működéséről és megvizsgálja azokat a korábbi kutatásokon alapuló feltevéseinket, melyek szerint  

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