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New Country Profiles on Roma from ERRC

The European Roma Rights Centre has published new country profiles today, which outline some of the major issues affecting Roma in 10 countries. The short reports indicate that, despite some efforts to improve the situation of Romani individuals and communities, they still are denied basic human rights. According to the findings presented in the country profiles, Romani individuals and communities still have to face violence and hate speech and cannot enjoy the same opportunities and standards as the rest of the society in access to essential services such as education or housing. 


Media Toolkit

19 April 2013

Useful material on ERRC for journalists.

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Factsheet: Roma Rights in Jeopardy

16 February 2012

Violence against Roma: In cases brought by the ERRC in Croatia, Bulgaria and Macedonia, the European Court of Human Rights has confirmed that the state is obliged to investigate and prosecute persons who commit violence against Roma, whether they are private actors or state officials.

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Attacks against Roma in Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic

15 July 2012

Since January 2008, in Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, anti-Roma violence has gained significant prominence in the media.

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