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Roma Rights 2013: National Roma Integration Strategies: What Next?

6th, January, 2014

This issue of Roma Rights focuses on National Roma Integration Strategies and the objectives, challenges and shortcomings of the EC Framework which aim to improve the situation and status of Roma across Europe. The articles assess the existing national strategies and also look to the future to consider what needs to be done to increase the prospects of success.

Roma Rights 2013: National Roma Integration Strategies (PDF)

Some EU Roma-Focused Documents and Events1:


What Future for the EU Framework? What Prospects for Roma Inclusion?

Empowerment and the European Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies

ERPC’s Assessment of National Roma Integration Strategies: 2012 Report and Recent Developments

National Roma Integration Strategy: Do Good Intentions Fail?

Streamlining the Decade of Roma Inclusion and the EU Framework1

Roma Women’s Voices and Silences on Unjust Power Regimes1

Fighting Discrimination and Promoting Equality in the Context of the Roma Inclusion Policies in Europe

Horváth and Kiss v Hungary - The Misdiagnosis Case

Sulukule: Renovation or Destruction?

Book Review

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