European People’s Party stays silent on the appointment of a racist to head Roma inclusion in Sofia


By Bernard Rorke

Now is not the time for the EU to equivocate in the face of fascism. The appointment to high office in Bulgaria of thugs who openly espouse racist views should alert the EU that there is yet another rogue member state to be reckoned with. The EU needs to sit up and pay attention, not least because Bulgaria will assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from January to June 2018. What say the European People’s Party?

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Never again and no more! It is time to call a halt to racism!


By Radost Zaharieva

On a day when we commemorate the hundreds of thousands of Roma who perished at the hands of the Nazis, and the destructive impact of racist ideologies on Romani lives then and now, I wondered about the impact of racism on individual lives and how it affects a person’s future. I decided to reply to this question through the personal story of a victim of racism in France.

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The Face of Hate in Bulgaria: MEP Angel Dzambazki


By Bernard Rorke

“Tell me something about integration. About tolerance. About ‘liberalism’. About ‘humanism’ … And I will tell you how to use a rope.”

This recent Facebook post marks the latest anti-Roma racist provocation by MEP Angel Dzambazki. Earlier in June, he posted a picture of a group of Romani men involved in a clash with ethnic Bulgarians as his Facebook cover photo with the comment: ‘Euthanasia’. 

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Two cheers for the EU’s two in a row against Orbán


By Bernard Rorke

It’s not been the best of weeks for Hungary’s ruling Fidesz regime. First came the swell of condemnation from home and abroad concerning the smear campaign against George Soros with its anti-Semitic billboards plastered all over motorways, metro stations, tram stops and public squares. On Thursday morning the government suddenly announced it would remove the posters from public places from 15 July. On Thursday afternoon came two signals from Brussels that Europe is fast losing patience with the arbitrary and illiberal excesses of Fidesz and its contemptuous disregard for EU law.

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The Roma and the Subaltern Communities of India


By Jekatyerina Dunajeva, Gopalakrishnan Karunanithi, Andrew Ryder and Nidhi Trehan

The editors of the Indian Journal of Social Work are pleased to announce the publication of a special edition entitled ‘Collectivity and Empowerment in Addressing Marginality: The Roma and the Subaltern Communities of India’. The main objective of this special edition is to reflect on a comparison between the European Roma and the Dalits in India by focusing on strategies to reverse their marginality and to gain potential for sharing and mobilising a counter-narrative to their predicament.

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