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Roma in Ukraine: Council of Europe ‘disappointed, concerned, alarmed’


By Bernard Rorke

While Ukrainian society “continues to be tolerant, open and respectful of multiple identities” it seems that this benevolence does not stretch to include the Roma. The Council of Europe’s Advisory Committee for the Protection of National Minorities, in its latest opinion on Ukraine*, describes the situation of the Roma as “one of the most pressing social problems in Ukraine” and details how Roma continue to face deep-seated difficulties in access to education, housing, health services, and employment; and that Roma still “suffer from school segregation, widespread anti-Gypsyism, including hate speech.”

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UN body finds racism pervasive in Slovakia


By Bernard Rorke

Hate speech, segregation, discrimination and police brutality against Roma are among the ‘worrying concerns’ highlighted by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) in its most recent concluding observations on Slovakia. These observations stand as a full endorsement of the ERRC’s submission to CERD late last year.

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ERRC 2017 Review: Fighting discrimination at every intersection


By Bernard Rorke

"Roma are not a single, homogeneous category. We are women, men, children, Muslims, Christians, lesbians, gay men, straight people, some of us have disabilities. Antigypsyism interacts with misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, and other ideologies of hate in complicated ways. We continue to fight injustice at all these intersections, and want courts to deliver judgments that take account of these complex and multiple forms of oppression against our people.”

(ERRC president Djordje Jovanovic)

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Bi-weekly news review: November 15-30


By Bernard Rorke

While the European Commission takes stock of progress with the EU Roma Framework, the Czech President got low-down and racist about Roma to mark the 10th Anniversary of DH and others vs. the Czech Republic; outbreaks of hepatitis in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria served to remind us of how inclusion strategies are failing when it comes to health, and why access to clean water and sanitation for all is a matter of basic justice and dignity that needs to be sorted right across the EU.

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Europe is Ours: A Manifesto


By Ethel Brooks

“The civilizing transformation justified the colonization of memory, and thus of people’s sense of self, of intersubjective relation, of their relation to the spirit world, to land, to the very fabric of their conception of reality, identity, and social, ecological and cosmological organization.”

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