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For 20 Years, the ERRC Was a Predominantly White Institution. Now What?


By Adam Weiss

I am white and I have an important job with a lot of authority at the ERRC. That’s not uncommon in the ERRC’s history. What’s unusual, these days, is that someone like me is not running the place: Ethel Brooks is our Board’s first Romani and woman Chair, and Ðorđe Jovanović, our President, is an openly gay Romani man.

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Never again and no more! It is time to call a halt to racism!


By Radost Zaharieva

On a day when we commemorate the hundreds of thousands of Roma who perished at the hands of the Nazis, and the destructive impact of racist ideologies on Romani lives then and now, I wondered about the impact of racism on individual lives and how it affects a person’s future. I decided to reply to this question through the personal story of a victim of racism in France.

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Roma Expelled from Paradise: Ethnic Cleansing on the Greek Isle of Mykonos


By Bernard Rorke

Mykonos may have supplanted Ibiza as the de rigueur hangout for celebrities and clubbers alike, but it would seem that there is no room on the ‘island of the winds’ for Greek Roma. 

The island, which has “emerged as the undisputed summer queen of hip holiday destinations” with a 40% increase in summer visitors, indulged in a bout of ethnic ‘spring cleaning’ in the form of a police sweep operation that rounded up scores of Roma and promptly put them aboard the first ship off the island last April.  

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