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Far-right violence against Roma in Hungary: victory in Strasbourg for the Helsinki Committee


By Bernard Rorke

Just one week after the Fidesz government launched its latest brazen assault on Hungarian NGOs specifically targeting the Helsinki Committee, the Committee scored a victory against the state in Strasbourg. In a judgment in the case of Király and Dömötör v. Hungary issued on 17 January, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) found that the Hungarian State violated Article 8 of the Convention in the wake of violent incidents in the village of Devecser, during an anti-Roma demonstration attended by nine far-right groups and members of Jobbik. The applicants were awarded EUR 10,700 each in damages, and the ECtHR sent a clear message to the Hungarian Government about its positive obligations and abject failures to protect Roma communities from intimidation by far-right extremists.

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Nine years after DH: Time for Slovakia to break the silence about segregation


By Marek Balaz

On this day, back in 2007 the ERRC’s long struggle against school segregation was vindicated in an historic judgment by the European Court of Human Rights. When the ERRC first brought D.H. and others vs. the Czech Republic before the court, Roma children in the Czech Republic were 27 times more likely than non-Roma children to be placed in "special schools" for the mentally disabled. In 2007, the European Court of Human Rights ruled this pattern of segregation to be unlawful and discriminatory. Although the case was labeled Europe’s own Brown vs. the Board of Education, nine years after the judgment, the struggle to end school segregation of Romani children continues.

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What’s so difficult about establishing the racist motive behind racist crimes against Roma?


By Bernard Rorke

In a sickening display on the seventh anniversary of the firebomb attack on a Romani family home, a handful of neo-Nazis assembled in the Czech town of Vítkov to voice support for the arsonists. The attack injured three people and nearly killed toddler Natálka, who sustained third and fourth-degree burns over more than 80% of her body. The first speaker at the rally on the 18th of April issued a call to raise money for “the boys who are in jail”. Other speakers interspersed their abuse of Roma and refugees as vermin and scum with claims that ‘the boys’ received disproportionately severe sentences for the attack; incidentally, a sentiment shared by former President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus.

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Papal bull? What the Pope said about Roma


By William Bila

On Monday, October 26th, Pope Francis spoke to an audience of 7,000 people from the Roma and Sinti communities on the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul IV's meeting with Roma people in an informal settlement near Rome. While many were happy to receive his blessing, others were less impressed with what he had to say. In this guest blog, William Bila takes issue with the Pontiff’s message.

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Destroyed houses and a lot of confused people


An interview about the Hadareni Pogrom with human rights activist István Haller - 10 years from the ECHR judgment and 22 years from the pogrom.

Today we remember the European Court of Human Rights decision in the Moldovan and others case. 

10 years ago, on July 12, 2005 the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Romania violated multiple articles from the European Convention on Human Rights for failing to provide justice in connection with a 1993 pogrom. 

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