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The ‘success story’ that wasn’t: Slovakia’s EU Presidency and access to water


By Marek Szilvasi

Prime Minister Róbert Fico was quick to hail Slovakia’s EU presidency as a great success. Within days of the country ending its six-month stint at the helm of the European Union, Fico opened the New Year with a press statement describing the Presidency as “truly successful in every extent, all the highest representatives of the EU confirmed that.

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EU court ruling on ‘benefit tourism’ – is Dano about law or politics?


By Stefan Luca 

On 11 November 2014 the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that states may deny social benefits to ‘economically inactive’ nationals of other EU member states. Around western European capitals the ruling was hailed as timely vindication for efforts to stem the tide of ‘benefit tourists’, a label often applied to Roma migrants.

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If the Decade sucks, why have another one?


By Rob Kushen

I have been working on supporting the rights of Roma and promoting Roma inclusion pretty steadily since 1999. Without a doubt, the Decade of Roma Inclusion has been one of the most frustrating tasks I have worked on. When I put together health service delivery projects for Roma in Kosovo right after the war ended, it was instant gratification: in a relatively short time frame, we could identify a need (TB screening and treatment; maternal health education for Romani women) and take care of it. 

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