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News & Events: ERRC Press Releases 2013
14 April 2014

Research & Advocacy: ERRC submission to UN CESCR on Serbia (March 2014)
21 March 2014

News & Events: Roma Killings in Hungary: the Court has Done its Job, the State Needs to Act
7 August 2013

News & Events: Czech Republic: Protect Roma at risk of violence ahead of far-right demonstrations
2 August 2013

Research & Advocacy: Czech Republic: Country Profile 2011-2012
17 July 2013

Research & Advocacy: Country Profiles 2011-2012
16 July 2013

News & Events: ERRC Welcomes ECtHR Ruling Upholding Ban on Far-Right Group in Hungary
9 July 2013

Strategic Litigation: Vona v Hungary
9 July 2013

News & Events: Far Right Groups Target Roma with Violent Protests in Italy
19 April 2013

News & Events: Rights Groups Raise Concerns over Roma Eviction Threats in Slovakia
21 September 2012

Research & Advocacy: Attacks against Roma in Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
15 July 2012

News & Events: Anti-Roma Violence in Czech Republic Must End
1 March 2012

News & Events: Violence Against Roma on the Rise: ERRC Testifies
16 February 2012

News & Events: Bulgaria Must Ensure the Safety of its Romani Citizens
29 September 2011

News & Events: Concerted Effort Needed by National and International Authorities to End Rising Tension in the Czech Republic
31 August 2011

Resource Centre: Increasing activity of extremist political parties and politicians
5 May 2011

News & Events: NGOs Urge Response to Anti-Roma Patrols in Hungary
14 April 2011

News & Events: Rights Groups Demand Protection for Hungarian Roma
17 March 2011

News & Events: Czech Authorities Urged to Protect the Romani Community in Nový Bydžov
9 March 2011

Research & Advocacy: Roma Rights 1, 2009: Hard Times for Roma: Economics, Politics and Violence
30 July 2009

News & Events: ERRC Calls on Canada to Press Czech Republic on Anti-Romani Discrimination
15 July 2009

News & Events: ERRC Calls for Full Prosecution of Anti-Romani Rioters in Czech Republic
25 November 2008

News & Events: ERRC and NEKI Call for Action Against Racist Group in Hungary
13 December 2007

Research & Advocacy: Romanian Roma Targeted by Extremists in Italy
20 November 2007

Research & Advocacy: Skinhead Attack of Roma Sparks Unrest
20 November 2007

Research & Advocacy: Roma Violently Assaulted in Czech Republic
18 May 2007

News & Events: UN Racial Discrimination Supervision Body Convenes to Assess Czech Republic's Compliance with International Law
1 March 2007

Research & Advocacy: Racist Attacks on Roma in Russia Cause Death and Severe Injury
13 November 2006

Research & Advocacy: German Holocaust Memorial to Pay Tribute to Roma and Sinti
13 November 2006

Research & Advocacy: Neo-Nazis Attack Roma in Czech Republic
13 November 2006

News & Events: Two Roma Killed in Racist Pogrom in Russia
14 April 2006

Research & Advocacy: Italian Right Wing Political Party Undertakes Racist Campaign Against Roma Following False Accusations Against Romani Women
22 July 2005

Research & Advocacy: Extreme Nationalist Party Enters Bulgarian Parliament
21 July 2005

Research & Advocacy: Slovak Communications Provider Incites Hatred of Roma
7 February 2004

Research & Advocacy: Being a "Gypsy": The Worst Social Stigma in Romania
10 May 2003

Research & Advocacy: Two Romani men beaten to death in Russia
7 November 2001

Research & Advocacy: Skinhead attacks on Roma in Czech Republic
5 December 2000

Research & Advocacy: Skinhead violence against Roma in Yugoslavia
3 October 2000

Research & Advocacy: Prosecuting racist criminals in the Czech Republic
3 October 2000

Research & Advocacy: News roundup: Snapshots from around Europe
3 October 2000

Research & Advocacy: Romani woman attacked in Poland
3 October 2000

Research & Advocacy: Anti-Romani action in Poland
11 July 2000

Research & Advocacy: Romani Holocaust records on public display
11 July 2000

News & Events: Letter to Mr Vlajko Stojiljković, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia
28 October 1999

News & Events: The Current Situation of Roma in Kosovo
9 July 1999

Research & Advocacy: Killing by skinheads in Bulgaria
10 September 1998

Research & Advocacy: Retrial opens in Tibor Danihel killing; other judicial developments in the Czech Republic
10 September 1998

Research & Advocacy: Roma community center vandalised in Łódź, Poland
10 September 1998

News & Events: ERRC Press Release on Events in Great Britain
22 October 1997

Research & Advocacy: Bulgarian criminal court convicts and sentences skinheads for racially motivated murder of a Romani man - Case report of the ERRC
15 July 1997

Research & Advocacy: Roma convicted in Domažlice, Czech Republic
15 July 1997

Research & Advocacy: Police abuse of Roma in Písek, Czech Republic
15 July 1997

News & Events: ERRC Letter to the General Prosecutor of Czech Republic Judr. V. Veselý
13 June 1997

Research & Advocacy: The Things Told to Foreigners: The Bizarre Conversation of the ERRC with the Romanian Authorities
10 April 1997

Research & Advocacy: Czech Court Hands Down Verdict in Skinhead Case
10 April 1997

Research & Advocacy: News roundup: Snapshots from around Europe
12 October 1996

Research & Advocacy: Skinhead Attack in Bulgaria
12 October 1996

Research & Advocacy: Rom Burned to Death in Slovakia
12 October 1996

Recruitment Notice: Executive Director

14 April 2014

The European Roma Rights Centre Board of Directors invites applications for the post of Executive Director

Deadline for Applications: 8 June 2014

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ERRC Seeks Interns

1 April 2014

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) invites applications for its full-time internship programme. The ERRC offers interns a dynamic, fast-paced, international human rights environment, based in Budapest, Hungary. Romani and non-Romani interns are chosen for this programme through a competitive bi-annual selection process. The ERRC is currently accepting applications from persons wishing to intern full-time at the ERRC for minimum 3 months.

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ERRC Challenging Evictions in Romania

9 April 2014

In December 2010 76 Romani families were evicted from their homes on Coastei street in the city of Cluj-Napoca, in North Western Romania.

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