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Separate, Unequal and Hazardous: The essential guide to Roma housing in Slovakia


By Marek Szilvasi

The right to adequate housing is a fundamental right and a crucial prerequisite for a decent life and personal development. The record of Slovak authorities on providing adequate housing for its citizens is dismal and Roma are disproportionately affected by this failure. 

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Legalising the Tabor?


By Stephan Muller and Darya Alekseeva

It’s not news that evictions are one of the most common problem Roma face throughout Europe and at the ERRC we have been tackling this problem for a long time by means of research, advocacy and litigation. And the lessons learned from these many years of work are several; the main one is that in many instances evictions can be stopped, postponed, or re-negotiated, but it is very rare that they can be prevented from re-occurring, often in the same place with the same people. 

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17 December: the day we lost our homes


By Claudia Linda Zsiga, a Roma woman and activist in Romania. 

17 December will forever be a sad day for me. It’s the day when, four years ago, 76 Roma families, including mine, were forcibly evicted from our homes on Coastei Street in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We did nothing wrong. Our only fault was that we are Roma.

In the middle of a harsh winter, with just one day’s notice, we were told we needed to move. The local authorities relocated us to the outskirts of the city, close to a landfill and a former chemical dump. Forty families were given just one room each of 16 or 18 square meters. The other 36 families were effectively left homeless, as they were told to ‘build something’ on the nearby plots of land. A new life began for us on that 17 December – in an area potentially damaging for our health, far away from the city and the life we once knew. 

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Miskolc: desperately seeking asylum


By András Ujlaky

The town of Miskolc in north-eastern Hungary is at the segregation game again. The town, once the centre of coal, iron and steel industries, and once a major employer for thousands Roma is not new to controversies regarding segregation. This is the town that was forced by the High Court to shut down segregating schools.

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Forced Evictions and Shattered Lives


By Crina Elena Morteanu  

As various reports indicate, thousands of Roma face evictions in Romania. Under the pretext of urban regeneration or development, entire communities are swept away in forced evictions and house demolitions. The lack of documentation proving ownership is the legal reason most often cited by the authorities to justify such actions. That is the reason communities were evicted in two cases currently being monitored by the European Roma Rights Centre: one in Pata-Rat (Cluj-Napoca) and another in Eforie Sud (Constanta)

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