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Belated first steps: Irish Government finally moves on ethnic recognition of Travellers


By Bernard Rorke

Recognition of Traveller ethnicity is long overdue and must be followed by robust action to combat all forms of direct and indirect anti-Traveller racism. Action is needed to solve the acute accommodation crisis facing many Travellers. Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights calls for enforcement mechanisms to hold local authorities to account, better targeted policies, and enhanced Traveller consultation and participation to ensure the “basic human rights and the dignity of members of the Traveller community.”

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No End to Roma Exclusion? UN Committee Strongly Critical of Slovakia


By Bernard Rorke

The UN Human Rights Committee has once again called on Slovakia to acknowledge its responsibility for past practices of forced sterilisation of Romani women; to eradicate widespread de facto practices of school segregation; to ensure that evictions from public land “are a means of last resort”; and hold local authorities to account for segregationist policies and behaviour.

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Opre ERTF! European Roma and Travellers Forum prevails against the Czech Republic on Roma health and housing


By Bernard Rorke

With infringement proceedings ongoing in the Czech Republic for segregation of Romani children in education, ERTF’s victory before the ECSR puts the spotlight on the persistence and prevalence of anti-Roma discrimination in housing and health care.

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Why are Romani children denied access to education in France?


By Radost Zaharieva

Education is a fundamental right according to article 14 from the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union. Access to quality education is essential for successful participation in society, and it is a crucial element for Roma communities to combat the social exclusion they face, and to improve their economic situation. Access to education for Roma communities is also vital if they are to access their social, economic and cultural rights, such as access to housing, health care and employment.

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Carry on regardless: Italy’s Roma eviction toll tops 300 in August


By Bernard Rorke and Rosi Mangiacavallo

Despite international criticism, and calls from the Council of Europe to halt all forced evictions of Roma, Italy just carries on regardless. ERRC monitoring revealed that in the final summer month of August, the Italian authorities evicted more than 300 Roma in a series of actions across the country. 

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