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UN Special Rapporteur: Romania in deep denial about poverty and discrimination


By Bernard Rorke

Despite Romania’s miserable rankings statistics on many poverty and social exclusion indicators, Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, found that “Many Romanian officials are in denial about the extent of poverty and especially about the systemic and deep-rooted discrimination against the extremely poor, particularly the Roma, as illustrated by cases of forced evictions and police abuse.”

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Might elections actually matter or make a difference for Roma in Italy?


By Nicole Garbin and Rosi Mangiacavallo

Will the outcome of the 5th of June local elections make a whit of a difference to the exclusion and privation suffered by Roma in Italy? The authors fear not, and vague campaign promises notwithstanding, anticipate more of the same with no respite from forced evictions and segregationist solutions.

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Italy: EU action needed as ECRI report confirms dire situation of Roma


By Bernard Rorke

The latest ECRI report on Italy confirms that Roma remain targets of hate speech and hate crime, continue to live in conditions of acute marginalisation and discrimination, and are effectively denied access to housing and other social rights. In light of these latest findings, the European Commission needs to investigate Italy for breaches of the Racial Equality Directive. For it is clear from this latest report that all the promptings, recommendations, requests and ‘urgings’ from European bodies to date, have failed to dent Italy’s undeclared apartheid when it comes to Roma.

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In the Shadow of Carrickmines: Irish Government violates Traveller Housing and Accommodation Rights


By Bernard Rorke

“I want to say here, as unambiguously and as clearly as I can, that discrimination and prejudice against Travellers and Roma is racism and it must be named as racism and tackled as racism.”                   

                                                                          Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland

Seven months after the Carrickmines tragedy which claimed 10 young lives on a poorly maintained temporary halting site, the Irish Government stands accused in Europe of continued neglect and failure when it comes to accommodation for Travellers.

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Denied the Right to Water: the Miserable Fate of Roma in France


By Marek Szilvasi and Radost Zaharieva

Today, March 22 is World Water Day; and today and everyday for thousands of Roma living in France, the reality is that you’ve got some ground to cover to fetch your water and if you need to use a toilet it is always going to be a walk away. The distance to fire hydrants and public fountains is often a few hundred metres, and getting to the source of water often involves crossing highway exits, climbing over fences and locked gates, trespassing and traipsing across private property and public parks. To get water often involves being chased by dogs, arguing with fire fighters, car wash attendants, security guards or any random citizen who feels duty-bound to prevent you from using water from hydrants, taps, or fountains. The trip back, laden down with water is considerably more hazardous.

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