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Denied the Right to Water: the Miserable Fate of Roma in France


By Marek Szilvasi and Radost Zaharieva

Today, March 22 is World Water Day; and today and everyday for thousands of Roma living in France, the reality is that you’ve got some ground to cover to fetch your water and if you need to use a toilet it is always going to be a walk away. The distance to fire hydrants and public fountains is often a few hundred metres, and getting to the source of water often involves crossing highway exits, climbing over fences and locked gates, trespassing and traipsing across private property and public parks. To get water often involves being chased by dogs, arguing with fire fighters, car wash attendants, security guards or any random citizen who feels duty-bound to prevent you from using water from hydrants, taps, or fountains. The trip back, laden down with water is considerably more hazardous.

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Forced evictions in France: inhuman and illegal


By Radost Zahareiva

On 3rd of February, 300 Roma were evicted from their informal settlement situated in the 18th district of Paris. Some of those evicted were offered emergency shelter, but most were left on the street. 

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Miskolc Mayor Remains Defiant on Roma Evictions Despite Latest Court Ruling


By Bernard Rorke and Orsolya Szendrey

Despite the latest court ruling against Miskolc authorities, the city mayor Ákos Kriza declared that the local government remains determined to continue with its plans to “eliminate slums on the city’s outskirts,” which is ruling party doublespeak for evicting and expelling Roma from Miskolc. 

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Separate, Unequal and Hazardous: The essential guide to Roma housing in Slovakia


By Marek Szilvasi

The right to adequate housing is a fundamental right and a crucial prerequisite for a decent life and personal development. The record of Slovak authorities on providing adequate housing for its citizens is dismal and Roma are disproportionately affected by this failure. 

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Legalising the Tabor?


By Stephan Muller and Darya Alekseeva

It’s not news that evictions are one of the most common problem Roma face throughout Europe and at the ERRC we have been tackling this problem for a long time by means of research, advocacy and litigation. And the lessons learned from these many years of work are several; the main one is that in many instances evictions can be stopped, postponed, or re-negotiated, but it is very rare that they can be prevented from re-occurring, often in the same place with the same people. 

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