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Roma Expelled from Paradise: Ethnic Cleansing on the Greek Isle of Mykonos


By Bernard Rorke

Mykonos may have supplanted Ibiza as the de rigueur hangout for celebrities and clubbers alike, but it would seem that there is no room on the ‘island of the winds’ for Greek Roma. 

The island, which has “emerged as the undisputed summer queen of hip holiday destinations” with a 40% increase in summer visitors, indulged in a bout of ethnic ‘spring cleaning’ in the form of a police sweep operation that rounded up scores of Roma and promptly put them aboard the first ship off the island last April.  

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Guilty until proven innocent: Injustice, racism and the Roma


By Sinan Gökcen

To be dark or to be blonde: that is the question. Surely not in our times one would think. But this is indeed the case for Roma, and someone’s complexion and hair colour may change their lives dramatically.  In October 2013, the police were conducting routine patrols at a Roma camp in the town of Farsala, in Northern Greece. They came across a couple with a four-year-old kid, and they were immediately alarmed. 

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A Greek Tale of Forced Evictions and False Promises to Roma


By Antonis Pesinis

For more than a year, the threat of forced eviction has hung over 74 Roma families in the Athenian suburb of Halandri. The community has been settled in the area for almost four decades. Hopes that SYRIZA’s victory in the Greek elections might mark a break with the past, an end to forced evictions of Romani communities, and the start of a politics of inclusion for Roma may prove to be groundless.

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