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Travel notes from Transnistria: why we need to remember


By Ciprian Ionita

Since my childhood, I have been very keen to learn more about the deportation of Roma to Transnistria, ordered by the dictatorial regime established in Romania by Marshal Ion Antonescu between 1940 and 1944. I come from a family of Kalderash Roma and had the privilege to discuss and meet with Roma who had been deported to Transnistria during World War II. 

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France: Belated recognition of wartime internment of Roma just a first step


By Radost Zaharieva

The admission by the President Hollande of France’s shameful collaboration in the suffering of Travelling people interned during the Second World War, however belated, is welcome. The best tribute to the survivors of the Romani holocaust would be for the Republic to get serious about combatting anti-Gypsyism in today’s 21st Century France.

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A Song for the Roma Genocide


By Atanas Zahariev

Gelem, gelem, lungone dromensa

Maladilem bakhtale Romensa
A Romale, katar tumen aven,
E tsarensa bakhtale dromensa?

A Romale, A Chavale

Sas vi man yekh bari familiya,
Mundardyas la e Kali Legiya
Aven mansa sa lumnyake Roma,
Kai putardile e Romane droma
Ake vriama, usti Rom akana,
Amen khutasa misto kai kerasa

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Remembering the Romani Holocaust


By Bernard Rorke

On the tenth anniversary of the liberation of the extermination camps in 1955, Primo Levi wrote that “Nowadays it is bad taste to speak of the concentration camps. We risk being accused of victimism: at best of a gratuitous fascination with the macabre, at worst, of pure and simple mendacity, of an outrage to decency.” In response to his detractors, Levi wrote that it is not permissible to forget, nor is it permissible to keep silent.

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