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John Connors, Irish Traveller: a man you don’t meet every day


By Bernard Rorke

Much controversy followed the recent appearance on TV of John Connors, the quiet-spoken star of the hit crime drama Love/Hate and advocate for Traveller rights on Ireland’s Late Late Show.  Connors gave a moving account of the impact of racism upon his community, but what was controversial and sparked media debate was the hectoring and shrill reaction of the show’s host, Ryan Tubridy to hearing a few home truths about the state of hate in Ireland.

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No Justice: The EU Roma Framework and its Discontents


By Bernard Rorke

Five years on, the EU Framework has hit a critical “mid-life crisis.” The National Roma Integration Strategies (NRIS) have yet to deliver in terms of concrete change to the lives of millions of Europe’s Romani citizens; the implementation gap is more pronounced than ever; discrimination and segregation remain pervasive and human rights abuses against Roma are all too frequent. 

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Combating Hate Crime against Roma in the Courts


By Nicole Garbin

All over Europe Roma face aggressive hate speech, and all too often Roma are subjected to racist violence. This holds true not only across Central and Eastern Europe but also in Western European countries such as Italy where the situation remains troubling. In the past three years, Italy has witnessed cases of violence by law enforcement officers against Roma, attacks on Roma camps and dwellings, and assaults against Roma individuals.

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Talking with Thomas Hammarberg


By Bernard Rorke

In an interview with Bernard Rorke, the former Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg discussed anti-Gypsyism and the Swedish White Paper; poverty and exclusion in Romania; why the French government tried and failed to have him dismissed; hate speech and hate crime in the Czech Republic and Hungary; what’s at stake in our democracies today, and why you should never spy into a child’s diary.

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More Primitive than Torture


By Adam Weiss

The European Roma Rights Centre recently joined the European Network on Statelessness (ENS), a civil society alliance committed to addressing statelessness in Europe. According to the ENS, there are some 600,000 people in Europe affected by statelessness. Many of them are undoubtedly Roma. In the legal team’s work, we regularly come across Roma who are unable to prove that they have any nationality and are at risk of being stateless, that is, of not being recognised by any country as its citizen. The US Supreme Court once said that statelessness is a “form of punishment more primitive than torture” ). What can the legal team at the ERRC do about it?

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