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Aniko’s Story: An Interview with the ERRC’s Women’s Rights Officer


Aniko Orsos tells her inspiring story of how she went from an impoverished segregated settlement in the South of Hungary, to being Women’s Rights Officer for the ERRC, in an interview with Communications Officer Jonathan Lee on International Women’s Day.

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Far-right violence against Roma in Hungary: victory in Strasbourg for the Helsinki Committee


By Bernard Rorke

Just one week after the Fidesz government launched its latest brazen assault on Hungarian NGOs specifically targeting the Helsinki Committee, the Committee scored a victory against the state in Strasbourg. In a judgment in the case of Király and Dömötör v. Hungary issued on 17 January, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) found that the Hungarian State violated Article 8 of the Convention in the wake of violent incidents in the village of Devecser, during an anti-Roma demonstration attended by nine far-right groups and members of Jobbik. The applicants were awarded EUR 10,700 each in damages, and the ECtHR sent a clear message to the Hungarian Government about its positive obligations and abject failures to protect Roma communities from intimidation by far-right extremists.

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Segregation in Hungary: The Long Road to Infringement


By Bernard Rorke

The Hungarian government’s reaction to the European Commission launching an infringement procedure veered between feigned bafflement and a petulant accusation that the EU was ‘getting revenge’ because Hungary earlier contested the EU decision on mandatory refugee quotas.

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Miskolc Mayor Remains Defiant on Roma Evictions Despite Latest Court Ruling


By Bernard Rorke and Orsolya Szendrey

Despite the latest court ruling against Miskolc authorities, the city mayor Ákos Kriza declared that the local government remains determined to continue with its plans to “eliminate slums on the city’s outskirts,” which is ruling party doublespeak for evicting and expelling Roma from Miskolc. 

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10 things they said about Roma in Hungary


By Bernard Rorke

Justice Minister László Trócsányi’s attempts to deny linking Roma with radicalized Islamists prompted blogger Eva Balogh to reach for a term which has a particular resonance in Hungarian: kakistocracy meaning “government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.”

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