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What’s it going to take to end school segregation in Slovakia? New report exposes the depths of discrimination faced by Romani children


By Bernard Rorke and Marek Szilvasi

A new report by the ERRC and Amnesty International exposes the shocking extent of school segregation and deeply embedded institutional racism in Slovakia. This discriminatory system continues to deny Romani children the opportunity of quality inclusive education and traps them in an intergenerational cycle of poverty and exclusion.

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Segregation in Hungary: The Long Road to Infringement


By Bernard Rorke

The Hungarian government’s reaction to the European Commission launching an infringement procedure veered between feigned bafflement and a petulant accusation that the EU was ‘getting revenge’ because Hungary earlier contested the EU decision on mandatory refugee quotas.

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Can we litigate strategically in the Court of Justice of the European Union?


By Adam Weiss

A head-scratching, confessional introduction

Two years ago, I was asked at my interview for this job about the Court of Justice of the EU (“the CJEU” or “Luxembourg”1). I could hear the edge in my soon-to-be colleagues’ voices: the fact that the CJEU had never decided a Roma rights case2 was a source of anxiety. That anxiety was partially relieved a few weeks ago when the CJEU delivered a judgment providing guidance to a Bulgarian national court about how to analyse a practice reeking of racism. (A power company had put individual electricity meters on seven-metre-high poles in a Roma neighbourhood to make sure they could not be tampered with, instead of installing them at the normal, reachable height.)

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