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What Macedonian’s new prison amnesty means for Roma


By Senada Sali and Jonathan Lee

A new amnesty law passed in Macedonia means there is a possibility for over 200 Romani prisoners to be released or have their prison penalty shortened.

On 15th January 2018 the Macedonia Parliament adopted a new law on amnesty that came into force on the 26th of January, four days ago. Proper application of this law would practically mean that about 260 Roma would be released from prison or the length of their prison sentences would be reduced by 30%. 

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Dismantling School Segregation in Bitola, Macedonia


By Senada Sali

This year we mark ten years since the landmark ECHR judgement in D. H. and Others vs. the Czech Republic, and although a European court confirmed that racial segregation equals discrimination: segregation and barriers in equal access to education of Roma are still a serious problem in Europe. Schools are places that should represent the second home of every child, places that are meant to be safe, diverse but at the same time open and inclusive for everyone. Unfortunately for many Roma, schools often represent places of risk, mistreatment, double-standards and isolation.

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Childbirth in Macedonia: Racist abuse, slapped faces and slashed budgets


By Bernard Rorke

Shocking testimony of brutal treatment by medical staff of a Romani woman in childbirth in Macedonia surfaced at the same time as news that provision for Roma has been slashed from the Ministry of Health’s 2016 Programme for Health Protection of Mothers and Children.

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My passport and who I am


By Tefik Mahmut 

It has been a while since I have written down my thoughts, maybe because I prefer to express myself through actions, events or initiatives.

Roma from Macedonia. I am more proud of my ethnic origin than of the country I come from; although I perceive the country as mine, among other things, because of my nationality - which is a kind of marriage between me and Macedonia.

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