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UN body finds racism pervasive in Slovakia


By Bernard Rorke

Hate speech, segregation, discrimination and police brutality against Roma are among the ‘worrying concerns’ highlighted by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) in its most recent concluding observations on Slovakia. These observations stand as a full endorsement of the ERRC’s submission to CERD late last year.

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Bulgarian Politicians Deny Police Brutality, Call for Harsher Measures against Roma “Disorderliness”


By Swain Uber

Over the past several days, three separate-yet-interrelated scandals in the small town of Ihtiman have shed light on the presence of institutional racism and the systemic abuse of Romani communities in Bulgarian law enforcement. According to the police, on February 6th, officers attempted to stop a car and carry out a check.

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Roma lives matter: Bulgarian Rom killed for “possession of pesticides”


By Swain Uber

A Romani father and son became the latest victims of Bulgarian police brutality when they were badly beaten near their home in the village of Bohot in Pleven province on Thursday 13 April.

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Did you mess with a Segregationist today?


By Adam Weiss

Something happened in the early summer of 2013, and by the time I started my job here a few weeks later, it had already become legendary. George Soros visited the ERRC. Impressing Mr Soros is important; his Open Society Foundations helped set us up and continue to support us. I imagine everyone was told months in advance he was coming. My messiest colleagues probably cleaned their desks. Some people surely spent a few extra minutes picking out their clothes that morning. What I know for sure was that someone laid out plenty of thick and thin, bright-red ERRC reports on the meeting-room table. These caught Mr Soros’s eye. He picked up a particularly thick one and looked at it. And then he said it: “Who reads these?”

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