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Litigating Police Raids Strategically: Code-100 in Slovakia


By Michal Zalesak

“There can be two types of racism in the police. The first type relates to the attitudes, behaviours and beliefs of police officers. The second type is inherent to rules and regulations which are applied by the police and is commonly defined as institutional racism. […] Institutional racism does not mean that all officers working in the institution have racist behaviour, but that racism lies in the procedures and culture of the institution.”1

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Justice denied: victimising the victims of police violence in Slovakia


By Michal Zalesak


In an earlier ERRC blog (co-written with Adam Weiss) I described the story of E. - a young man of Romani origin who had been kept in detention for several weeks despite being diagnosed with an intellectual disability. E. is one of the inhabitants of the Roma settlement located in Moldava nad Bodvou (eastern Slovakia) which was raided by police in June 2013, resulting in injuries to more than 30 individuals including children. Almost a year and half has passed since that violent raid, and no real progress in the investigation is visible.


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Excessive Force, Unlawful Detention


By Adam Weiss and Michal Zalesak

On 16 June 2013, a 32 year-old man we’ll call E was going about his everyday life. Like many others from the ‘Budulovska’ neighbourhood in Moldava nad Bodvou (Slovakia), he took part in an event organised by a local NGO. Proceedings were disrupted by a police patrol that entered the neighborhood as the music equipment was being packed up. For reasons that still remain unclear, a fight broke out between the police officers and some of the young people including E. He was taken away to the police station, and the police opened an investigation against him. The investigation was subsequently concluded on 27 August 2013.

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