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Kosovo Lead Poisoning: A Tragic Timeline of Poisoned Neglect


By Bernard Rorke

US attorney Dianne Post described the recent decision by the UN Advisory Panel as “the long-awaited morsel of justice for the hundreds of Kosovo Roma community members who were herded onto lead-poisoned land after the war in 1999 and then abandoned for ten years.”

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UNMIK and lead-poisoned Roma IDP camps: suffering contaminated by racial prejudice


By Bernard Rorke

In a bluntly critical report published in April this year, the Human Rights Advisory Panel called on the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) to publicly acknowledge its abject failure to comply with applicable human rights standards and apologise to Roma, Askali and Egyptian IDPs placed in lead contaminated camps, and to compensate victims for material and moral damage.

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From the Archives: the Italian file 1997-2000


By Bernard Rorke

In 2008, the declaration of a State of Emergency to combat the so-called ‘Roma menace’, prompted global media coverage and international criticism. The demonisation of Romani people in this overtly racist and populist get-tough approach served only to exacerbate communal tensions, legitimise human rights abuses, and seriously damage prospects for social inclusion. A quick perusal of ERRC’s archives between 1997 and 2000 reveals that all of this was foreseeable, preventable, and utterly unnecessary.

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