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Half time for the EU Roma Framework: Is the Commission serious about Roma inclusion in the Western Balkans?


By Bernard Rorke

The European Commission wants to know how things are going with Roma inclusion in the Western Balkans at the mid-point of the EU Roma Framework. Well they could ask Ivan and Elena for their impressions following their 13-hour detention by Serbian police.

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When Important Judges Say Stupid Things About Roma


By Adam Weiss

I have met a few – but only a few – Roma who are optimistic about going to court. That’s not a surprise. The courts have done little to change the lives of Roma. And some judges are rabidly racist. 

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Courage Sisters! Bring it on!


By Judit Geller

Today is International Women’s Day, a day when the world celebrates women, when in fact most women have not much to celebrate.

Working as lawyer for the ERRC, an organization that fights discrimination against Roma, I encounter stories of discrimination every day. Discrimination that manifests itself in all spheres of society, from housing to health and education, just to name a few.

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Ireland finally recognises Traveller ethnicity


By Bernard Rorke

The ERRC congratulates Irish Traveller organisations and activists for their success after decades of campaigning in making ethnic recognition a reality. Change has been a long time coming. The Taoiseach Enda Kenny got a very rare standing ovation in the Dáil last Wednesday evening, for his announcement of formal recognition for Travellers as a distinct ethnic group within the State, in what he called “a historic day for our Travellers and a proud day for Ireland.”

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Belated first steps: Irish Government finally moves on ethnic recognition of Travellers


By Bernard Rorke

Recognition of Traveller ethnicity is long overdue and must be followed by robust action to combat all forms of direct and indirect anti-Traveller racism. Action is needed to solve the acute accommodation crisis facing many Travellers. Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights calls for enforcement mechanisms to hold local authorities to account, better targeted policies, and enhanced Traveller consultation and participation to ensure the “basic human rights and the dignity of members of the Traveller community.”

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