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ECRI and the State of Hate in Hungary


By Bernard Rorke

Hungary’s ever-diminishing international reputation took a double hit from the European Union within the space of two days. Hot on the heels of a damning ECRI report on racism in Hungary published on Tuesday June 9, came the harshest condemnation yet from the European Parliament concerning Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s illiberal excesses.

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Unpacking privilege - unmasking everyday racism


By Kieran O’Reilly

Many of us accept that certain groups of people are excluded, marginalised, and disadvantaged due to their ethnicity - but how many of us are willing to take a further step and accept that we might enjoy advantages or privileges because of our ethnicity? We do not actively seek these advantages, but we do enjoy them. We are not conscious of these advantages until we actively articulate them, write them down, and reflect on them. They are invisible and remain invisible to most of us most of the time. 

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Roma: Everybody Knows


By Marcello Cassanelli

When it comes to Roma, everybody seems to be an authority on the subject. Everybody knows what all Roma look like, that they can’t possibly be blond, that they all hail from Romania (Roma – Romania, of course); everybody knows that they beg, that they don’t like to wash themselves, that they don’t want their children to have a proper education, that they want to live in camps encircled by barbed wire; everybody knows that they don’t want to assimilate, prefer to live as nomads, all the while exploiting Europe's generous welfare States; everybody knows that they practice magic, that they are all gifted musicians and circus people; and – last but not least – that they steal (babies and more).

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