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10 things he really said: Zoltán Balog, Hungarian Minister for Human Resources


By Bernard Rorke

Zoltán Balog, former Calvinist preacher turned minister of human resources in the Orbán government, is prone to saying outrageous things and straying off-script. After all, this is the man who, on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, reckoned it was Jesus rather than Moses who came down from Mount Sinai bearing the fabled tablets of stone.

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Roma and Conflict: a short intro to the new issue of Roma Rights


By Bernard Rorke

“Everyone regularly emphasizes only the suffering of the Bosniaks, the Serbs or the Croats. No one speaks about the Roma. What are we? Animals? Well, we too suffered, just like all the others. We are only asking for someone to take responsibility.”

Zijo Ribić, sole survivor of 1992 massacre of Roma in Skočić

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25 years after Yugoslavia: Roma refugees and IDPs (part 2)


By Bernard Rorke

“There were mass killings of Roma - it made no difference whether they were men or women. The Roma were targeted because it was believed that they had money in cash and gold.”

(ERRC witness interviews with Bosnian refugees 1996)

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Domari refugees in Turkey: ‘Peace, bread and toilets’


Stephan Müller

Two conflict zones currently make the news in Europe: Syria and Ukraine. People demonstrate empathy for those caught in war-torn areas and for the plight of refugees, in particular of the millions of refugees from Syria stranded in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and even Iraq. In general, empathy for the refugees diminishes the closer they come to Western Europe. In particular, when the refugees belong to Roma or Roma-related groups, the diminishing empathy very quickly turns into antipathy.

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