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Roma Expelled from Paradise: Ethnic Cleansing on the Greek Isle of Mykonos


By Bernard Rorke

Mykonos may have supplanted Ibiza as the de rigueur hangout for celebrities and clubbers alike, but it would seem that there is no room on the ‘island of the winds’ for Greek Roma. 

The island, which has “emerged as the undisputed summer queen of hip holiday destinations” with a 40% increase in summer visitors, indulged in a bout of ethnic ‘spring cleaning’ in the form of a police sweep operation that rounded up scores of Roma and promptly put them aboard the first ship off the island last April.  

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The Roma and the Subaltern Communities of India


By Jekatyerina Dunajeva, Gopalakrishnan Karunanithi, Andrew Ryder and Nidhi Trehan

The editors of the Indian Journal of Social Work are pleased to announce the publication of a special edition entitled ‘Collectivity and Empowerment in Addressing Marginality: The Roma and the Subaltern Communities of India’. The main objective of this special edition is to reflect on a comparison between the European Roma and the Dalits in India by focusing on strategies to reverse their marginality and to gain potential for sharing and mobilising a counter-narrative to their predicament.

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Empowering Roma to fight statelessness in Odesa


By Corina Ajder and Szelim Simandi1, Photographs by Dániel Németh

Ukraine’s Odesa region made international headlines in August after a pogrom against Roma living in the village of Loschynivka.

In addition to blatant hate crimes such as those committed against Loschynivka’s Roma, many Roma in Ukraine face social exclusion in more subtle but similarly harmful ways. The ERRC has worked with Roma near Odesa for a number of years to address these issues.

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When Important Judges Say Stupid Things About Roma


By Adam Weiss

I have met a few – but only a few – Roma who are optimistic about going to court. That’s not a surprise. The courts have done little to change the lives of Roma. And some judges are rabidly racist. 

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Kiev Calling: Ethnic Cleansing Ahead of Eurovision Song Contest


By Jonathan Lee and Volodymyr Navrotskyy

More than 300 people, over a 100 families, have been forced to leave their homes in Kiev after threats were made against their lives in the beginning of April. Only a day after the last families departed, the threats were carried out and six houses burned to the ground, likely with Molotov cocktails. The police had full knowledge of the severity of the threats that were made, yet no preventative measures were taken. In fact, some residents even had assistance from the police in purchasing tickets to leave. Their eviction coincides with the city's preparation to host the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, the final of which will taker place on 13 May.

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