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The ‘success story’ that wasn’t: Slovakia’s EU Presidency and access to water


By Marek Szilvasi

Prime Minister Róbert Fico was quick to hail Slovakia’s EU presidency as a great success. Within days of the country ending its six-month stint at the helm of the European Union, Fico opened the New Year with a press statement describing the Presidency as “truly successful in every extent, all the highest representatives of the EU confirmed that.

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Access to clean water for Roma in Ukraine: a grim tale of local barons, leaky pipes and dry wells


By Marek Szilvasi and Volodymyr Navrotskyy1

The ERRC’s recent monitoring mission in Ukraine confirms that getting access to clean water and sanitation remains dire for Roma. There is little official interest in making things better, and there is no doubt that the water situation is far worse for Roma than non-Roma. In pursuit of the fuller picture, the ERRC visited Roma sites (tabors) and met with public authorities, water distribution companies and civil society groups in the four cities of Chop, Uzhorod, Mukacheve, and Berehove, as well as some neighbouring villages.

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Separate, Unequal and Hazardous: The essential guide to Roma housing in Slovakia


By Marek Szilvasi

The right to adequate housing is a fundamental right and a crucial prerequisite for a decent life and personal development. The record of Slovak authorities on providing adequate housing for its citizens is dismal and Roma are disproportionately affected by this failure. 

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Litigating Police Raids Strategically: Code-100 in Slovakia


By Michal Zalesak

“There can be two types of racism in the police. The first type relates to the attitudes, behaviours and beliefs of police officers. The second type is inherent to rules and regulations which are applied by the police and is commonly defined as institutional racism. […] Institutional racism does not mean that all officers working in the institution have racist behaviour, but that racism lies in the procedures and culture of the institution.”1

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Forced Evictions of Roma: What’s occurring with the European Court and Rule 39?


By Adam Weiss

To outsiders, what happened in Seine-Saint-Denis at 10am on Thursday, 24 April 2014 was routine: another Roma settlement was demolished,  its inhabitants evicted and scattered, some to hotels where they were promised (but did not necessarily receive) accommodation, some to Romania, and others to locations just a few streets away.

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