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Courage Sisters! Bring it on!


By Judit Geller

Today is International Women’s Day, a day when the world celebrates women, when in fact most women have not much to celebrate.

Working as lawyer for the ERRC, an organization that fights discrimination against Roma, I encounter stories of discrimination every day. Discrimination that manifests itself in all spheres of society, from housing to health and education, just to name a few.

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Racism’s cruelest cut: coercive sterilization in the Czech Republic


By Marek Szilvasi and Bernard Rorke

A new report by the ERRC gives voice to Romani women who describe the shocking and chillingly routine abuses they endured as victims of coercive sterilization; the physical, social and psychological impacts on their lives; and their role as courageous activists in the fight for justice and reproductive rights.

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Coercive Sterilisation of Romani Women: inhuman and degrading treatment but not discrimination according to the ECHR


By Judit Geller

Coercive sterilisation is a gross human rights violation and although it is performed on both men and women throughout the world, women are more vulnerable as a result of sex – specific situations such as childbirth or miscarriage expose them to sterilisation more frequently. Evidence shows that for example in Czechoslovakia under the Communist regime State policy systematically targeted Romani women for sterilisation; there have been instances of coercive sterilisation of Romani women in Hungary too. Most of these sterilisations were performed during a Caesarean-section, without the informed consent of the patients. The latest known such intervention happened in 2008.

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