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When they say Roma do not want to go to school tell them this story


By Đorđe Jovanović

In 2013 in France, several Romani families living in an informal settlement in Ris-Orangis (Essonne) made a formal request for school enrolment of 12 children. The mayor created a separated class for these children in an isolated room in a sports centre without any connection to any regular school instead of enrolling them in schools located in that municipality.

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What’s it going to take to end school segregation in Slovakia? New report exposes the depths of discrimination faced by Romani children


By Bernard Rorke and Marek Szilvasi

A new report by the ERRC and Amnesty International exposes the shocking extent of school segregation and deeply embedded institutional racism in Slovakia. This discriminatory system continues to deny Romani children the opportunity of quality inclusive education and traps them in an intergenerational cycle of poverty and exclusion.

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Nine years after DH: Time for Slovakia to break the silence about segregation


By Marek Balaz

On this day, back in 2007 the ERRC’s long struggle against school segregation was vindicated in an historic judgment by the European Court of Human Rights. When the ERRC first brought D.H. and others vs. the Czech Republic before the court, Roma children in the Czech Republic were 27 times more likely than non-Roma children to be placed in "special schools" for the mentally disabled. In 2007, the European Court of Human Rights ruled this pattern of segregation to be unlawful and discriminatory. Although the case was labeled Europe’s own Brown vs. the Board of Education, nine years after the judgment, the struggle to end school segregation of Romani children continues.

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No End to Roma Exclusion? UN Committee Strongly Critical of Slovakia


By Bernard Rorke

The UN Human Rights Committee has once again called on Slovakia to acknowledge its responsibility for past practices of forced sterilisation of Romani women; to eradicate widespread de facto practices of school segregation; to ensure that evictions from public land “are a means of last resort”; and hold local authorities to account for segregationist policies and behaviour.

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Desegregating Europe: Remembering Jack Greenberg


By Bernard Rorke

Jack Greenberg’s profound legacy and life-long commitment to civil rights was celebrated in sadness in a string of obituaries that followed the news of his passing on 12 October 2016 at the age of 91. As the New York Times put it, Jack Greenberg helped achieve through the courts what the political system had denied Southern blacks: “voting rights, equal pay for equal work, impartial juries, equal access to medical care, equal access to schools and other benefits of citizenship broadly enjoyed by whites.”

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