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Behind the wall – Ghettoization of Roma people in Krusevac, Serbia


By Benjamin Ignac

While Donald Trump and his supporters spent much of 2016 chanting “Build the wall” to keep the Mexicans out of the US, the Serbian government has already gone ahead and built their version of the wall which now separates the Roma community from the surrounding population in Krusevac, Serbia. 

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Roma in Serbia still denied birth certificates – ENS members take legal action to challenge register offices’ unlimited power


By Adam Weiss

The purist in me imagines bureaucrats running around maternity wards, struggling to catch all the details (“Name? Mother’s name? Sorry, can you repeat that…”) over the sound of new-borns screaming for the first time.

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Belgrade backs down on unfair rules blocking access to social housing


By Andrea Čolak

Prompted by a recent development in the case pending before the Constitutional Court of Serbia, the City of Belgrade has decide to abolish the remaining discriminatory criterion which made it more difficult for those most disadvantaged, including many Roma, to qualify for the City’s social housing schemes. 

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