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For 20 Years, the ERRC Was a Predominantly White Institution. Now What?


By Adam Weiss

I am white and I have an important job with a lot of authority at the ERRC. That’s not uncommon in the ERRC’s history. What’s unusual, these days, is that someone like me is not running the place: Ethel Brooks is our Board’s first Romani and woman Chair, and Ðorđe Jovanović, our President, is an openly gay Romani man.

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Desegregating Europe: Remembering Jack Greenberg


By Bernard Rorke

Jack Greenberg’s profound legacy and life-long commitment to civil rights was celebrated in sadness in a string of obituaries that followed the news of his passing on 12 October 2016 at the age of 91. As the New York Times put it, Jack Greenberg helped achieve through the courts what the political system had denied Southern blacks: “voting rights, equal pay for equal work, impartial juries, equal access to medical care, equal access to schools and other benefits of citizenship broadly enjoyed by whites.”

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Might elections actually matter or make a difference for Roma in Italy?


By Nicole Garbin and Rosi Mangiacavallo

Will the outcome of the 5th of June local elections make a whit of a difference to the exclusion and privation suffered by Roma in Italy? The authors fear not, and vague campaign promises notwithstanding, anticipate more of the same with no respite from forced evictions and segregationist solutions.

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Segregation in Hungary: The Long Road to Infringement


By Bernard Rorke

The Hungarian government’s reaction to the European Commission launching an infringement procedure veered between feigned bafflement and a petulant accusation that the EU was ‘getting revenge’ because Hungary earlier contested the EU decision on mandatory refugee quotas.

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Roma in Serbia still denied birth certificates – ENS members take legal action to challenge register offices’ unlimited power


By Adam Weiss

The purist in me imagines bureaucrats running around maternity wards, struggling to catch all the details (“Name? Mother’s name? Sorry, can you repeat that…”) over the sound of new-borns screaming for the first time.

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