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#RomaBelong – Tackling Roma statelessness in the Western Balkans and Ukraine


Nina Murray, European Network on Statelessness

“I feel bad because I am from here but they are not giving me citizenship. I feel I don’t belong here. God forbid if I die, they will not bury me because I do not have documents. It’s very hard for me. I have no job, but the most difficult part is that I don’t have any medical insurance and I have to pay for everything myself. Once, the doctor even paid for me because I was in a really bad state. If I have a nationality I will work and I will have more money to pay for it. I am frustrated all the time. This is my biggest burden. I am born here, and I don’t have a nationality.”

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Empowering Roma to fight statelessness in Odesa


By Corina Ajder and Szelim Simandi1, Photographs by Dániel Németh

Ukraine’s Odesa region made international headlines in August after a pogrom against Roma living in the village of Loschynivka.

In addition to blatant hate crimes such as those committed against Loschynivka’s Roma, many Roma in Ukraine face social exclusion in more subtle but similarly harmful ways. The ERRC has worked with Roma near Odesa for a number of years to address these issues.

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Still un-integrated: Ukraine’s Roma Integration Strategy leads nowhere


By Volodymyr Navrotskyy

Ukraine’s Roma integration strategy is in need of a complete overhaul; and if the government is serious about Roma inclusion it must take steps to combat anti-Gypsyism and prevent further violence against Roma in rural areas.

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Mob rules against Ukrainian Roma in 21st century pogrom


By Jonathan Lee

“Mob law is the most forcible expression of an abnormal public opinion; it shows that society is rotten to the core.” – Timothy Thomas Fortune

Forced evictions are nothing new for Roma. For many, the ongoing process of settling and resettling when the state bullies and bulldozes Romani families out of their homes has become disturbingly familiar.

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Access to clean water for Roma in Ukraine: a grim tale of local barons, leaky pipes and dry wells


By Marek Szilvasi and Volodymyr Navrotskyy1

The ERRC’s recent monitoring mission in Ukraine confirms that getting access to clean water and sanitation remains dire for Roma. There is little official interest in making things better, and there is no doubt that the water situation is far worse for Roma than non-Roma. In pursuit of the fuller picture, the ERRC visited Roma sites (tabors) and met with public authorities, water distribution companies and civil society groups in the four cities of Chop, Uzhorod, Mukacheve, and Berehove, as well as some neighbouring villages.

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