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UN body finds racism pervasive in Slovakia


By Bernard Rorke

Hate speech, segregation, discrimination and police brutality against Roma are among the ‘worrying concerns’ highlighted by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) in its most recent concluding observations on Slovakia. These observations stand as a full endorsement of the ERRC’s submission to CERD late last year.

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Bulgarian Politicians Deny Police Brutality, Call for Harsher Measures against Roma “Disorderliness”


By Swain Uber

Over the past several days, three separate-yet-interrelated scandals in the small town of Ihtiman have shed light on the presence of institutional racism and the systemic abuse of Romani communities in Bulgarian law enforcement. According to the police, on February 6th, officers attempted to stop a car and carry out a check.

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Roma Burned from their Homes as Lessons Go Unlearned in Romania


By Jonathan Lee

In scenes which should have been relegated to the early twentieth century, Roma in Romania were forced out of their burning home on Friday 31st March after non-Roma decided to ‘teach them a lesson’.

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Mitko – the Story of a Roma Rights Hero, and the Victim of a Failing System


By Atanas Zahariev

In April this year, a 17-year old Romani child named Mitko became a symbol of the fight for Roma equality after an incident where he was kicked and beaten because he declared himself equal to a non-Roma thug. Three days ago Mitko received bitter-sweet justice as the courts found his attacker Angel Kaleev guilty of an ethnically motivated hate crime, but only issued a cursory sentence, which was then deferred to a probation with community service. Mitko, through the #RomaAreEqual campaign has become one of those powerful, almost mythical, human rights icons that people celebrate without knowing about their personal story and struggle.

This is his story.

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Bulgarian Judge Rules for Mitko in Landmark Case: a Bitter-Sweet Victory


By Jonathan Lee

In Bulgaria, racist hate crimes have become more and more the norm for Roma, refugees and other local minorities. Yet, this increased prevalence has only further relegated the issue of acknowledging and tackling racially motivated crime on judicial, public and civic agendas. In courtrooms, government offices, police stations and cafés across the country, “the invisible crime” has been the elephant in the room, which until very recently had been ushered discreetly into a cupboard, out of sight but not out of mind.

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