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ERRC Calls on States to Collect and Publish Data to Address Roma Health Gap

22 November 2013

Budapest, Bucharest, 22 November 2013: European states should collect and publish disaggregated data on Roma to improve their health outcomes and life chances. A new report by the ERRC in Romania shows a 16-year difference in the age at death between Roma and non-Roma. The information on health inequalities could only be revealed through the collection and analysis of disaggregated data, in this case disaggregated by ethnicity, and also by age and sex.
Without good quality data on Roma, inequality remains hidden and the most vulnerable continue to face exclusion and discrimination. 

The ERRC report on the hidden health crisis in Romania shows a number of health inequalities between Roma and non-Roma. The mortality rate in those aged under 10 is over three times higher in the Roma population. The average time between first diagnosis of a condition and death is 3.9 years in the Roma population while it is 6.8 years in the general population. 

“Romania is just one of the states missing a chance to improve the lives of its Roma citizens,” said Dezideriu Gergely, executive director of the ERRC. “States could and should use disaggregated data to design programmes and target their resources for Roma and vulnerable groups in order to redress inequalities.”

The report is based on a nationwide representative survey, carried out by Gallup in 1119 Roma households and 800 non-Roma households. The report also outlines the legal framework around data collection, including the safeguards that exist to protect individuals, and the good practice of States which collect and publish such data in order to inform public policy.

This press release is also available in Romanian.
Our factsheet summary is available in English and Romanian.
This report is also available in Romanian.

For more information, contact:

Marianne Powell
Communications Officer

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Joint submission to the Council of Europe on implementation of police brutality judgments in Romania (June 2016)

7 June 2016

Joint submission by the European Roma Rights Centre, Romani CRISS and APADOR-CH concerning Romania's implementation of the Barbu Anghelescu group of cases, for consideration by the Committee of Ministers during its June 2016 review.

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Joint submission to UN CRC on Slovakia (April 2016)

18 April 2016

Written comments by the European Roma Rights Centre and Center for Civil and Human Rights concerning Slovakia for consideration by the Committee on the Rights of the Child at the 72nd Session (17 May 2016 – 03 June 2016)

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Combating Hate Crime and Hate Speech in France and Italy

4 February 2016


For years, the ERRC has been documenting hate crime and hate speech in various countries. With support from the Open Society Initiative for Europe, the ERRC is carrying out a project designed to expose the extent of anti-Roma hate crime and hate speech in France and Italy and improve the authorities' response to these problems. The purpose of this project is to introduce a new methodology for this work and apply it in these two Western European countries, where the extent of anti-Roma hate speech and hate crime is largely recognised, but poorly documented or addressed. 

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