US Romani Professor Settles Discrimination Case against an Garda Síochána (Irish Police)

14 October 2021

Dublin, Brussels, 14th October 2021: Traveller and Roma human rights organisations welcome today a settlement by An Garda Síochána, Ireland's police service, in relation to a discrimination complaint made against them by a US Romani Scholar who travelled to Ireland in August 2017 for a Roma Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration. The event was co-sponsored by the then Irish Department of Justice and Equality and the US Embassy.

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Budapest Court Rules State Removal of Romani Children from Families is Discrimination

05 October 2021

Budapest, 5th October 2021: The Metropolitan Court in Budapest ruled in favour of the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) in a case challenging the overrepresentation and discrimination of Romani children in state care in Nógrád County, Hungary. On the 4th October, the Court found that the Ministry of Human Capacities had violated the right to equal treatment for children who had been taken away from their families due to their financial situation, the majority of whom are Roma.  The judgment states that families were discriminated against on the grounds of socio-economic status and poverty, as well as because of their Romani ethnicity.

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Romanian City of Eforie Ordered to Pay Over €430.000 for Evicting Roma in 2013

08 July 2021

Brussels, 8 July 2021: The Court of Appeal in Romania has confirmed the previous judgment of the Constanța Tribunal and ruled that the Mayor of Eforie and the Administrative Territorial Unit of Eforie must pay a sum of approximately €36,000 to each Romani person evicted from Agricola Street in 2013, as well as provide social housing for each family. There are twelve people represented in the case, meaning the total cost to the Eforie authorities (minus the housing costs) will be approximately €432,000.

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Family of Stanislav Tomáš File Criminal Complaint against Czech Police with ERRC Support

30 June 2021

Brussels, Prague 30th June 2021: The family of Stanislav Tomáš, the Romani man who died in police custody on Saturday 19th June, have filed a criminal complaint against the Czech Police with the legal support of the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC). The ERRC, with support from Czech human rights defenders, are committed to exploring all legal options available domestically and at a European level to ensure that the family of the victim receive justice.

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European Court Rules North Macedonia Failed to Investigate Racist Motivation in Police Brutality Case

25 June 2021

Brussels, 25th June 2021: The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled in favour of a Romani man who was physically assaulted by police officers in a racist attack during a violent raid in Topana, a Romani neighbourhood of Skopje, North Macedonia. The Court’s judgment found that the state authorities were in violation of Article 14 read in conjunction with Article 3 of the Convention on account of their failure to investigation the applicant’s allegations of racially motivated police brutality. The Court ordered the State to pay the applicant EUR 3,000 within three months.

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Health Authorities in North Macedonia Ordered to Provide Treatment for Child Drug Users

16 June 2021

Brussels, 16th June 2021: A court in Skopje, North Macedonia has ruled that the Ministry of Health discriminated against Romani minors with drug addiction problems by not providing them with treatment or rehabilitation. The Ministry has been ordered to adopt a specific treatment programme for child drug users within three months of the judgment, after a case was brought in the name of the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) on behalf of Romani children denied their right to equal access to healthcare.

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Far-Right Serbian Group Ordered to Remove Online Hate Speech After ERRC Mass Complaint

27 May 2021

Brussels, 27th May 2021: The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality has ordered the Levijatan Movement, a far-right group operating under the guise of an animal rights organisation, to cease publishing content which discriminates against Roma, and to remove any content already published which incites hatred against Roma within 30 days. The decision was published on 12th May 2021, after the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) instigated mass complaints from Roma in Serbia, through the local organisation "Vojvodjanski Romski Centar", against the far-right group.

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