Legal Action Against Serbian Police After Home Invasion and Violent Attack on a Romani Family

19 January 2023

Brussels, Belgrade 19 January 2023: the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and Vojvođanski romski centar will take legal action against police officers who invaded the home of a Romani family and violently assaulted them on 13th January in Belgrade. A discrimination complaint has been submitted to the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and further legal options are currently being explored with the family. 

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European Court Rules Against North Macedonia for Segregation of Romani Schoolchildren

14 December 2022

Brussels, Skopje, 14 December 2022: Romani parents whose children were segregated in two primary schools in North Macedonia have won an important judgment before the European Court of Human Rights against North Macedonia. The Court found that two primary schools, Gjorgji Sugarev in Bitola and Goce Delchev in Štip, had violated the Romani children’s right to non-discrimination (Article 14) in conjunction with their right to education (Article 2 of Protocol 1). Each household has been awarded compensation of €1,200 EUR, totalling €45,600 across both schools. The issue was brought before the Court in two applications by the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), who also secured decisions from the North Macedonian Equality Body to end segregation in Bitola and Štip earlier this year.

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North Macedonia: ERRC & MYLA Sue Authorities for Discrimination of Roma & Other Unregistered Persons

08 December 2022

Brussels, Skopje, 8 December 2022: The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and Macedonian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) have submitted a collective complaint against the Directorate for Keeping the Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths, a state organ within the Ministry of Justice of North Macedonia. The organisations are suing the Directorate for discrimination against Romani people who are at risk of statelessness in North Macedonia. The complaint was submitted before the Basic Civil Court in Skopje, on 11th November, on behalf of unregistered Roma who are denied access to their basic rights on account of their lack of civil registration.

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ERRC Files Joint Legal Opinion Against Discriminatory Social Welfare Law in Serbia

30 November 2022

Brussels, 30 November 2022: The European Roma Rights Centre as a part of the International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-NET) has requested a judicial review of the Social Cards Law in Serbia.

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North Macedonia: Ministry of Health Discriminated Against Romani Children with Drug Abuse Problems

27 October 2022

Brussels, Skopje 27 October 2022: The Basic Court Skopje II in North Macedonia has ruled that the Ministry of Health discriminated against Romani minors with drug addiction problems by not providing them with treatment or rehabilitation.

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Czech Roma Rights Activists File Criminal Complaints Against Online Hate Speech

26 October 2022

Prague, Brussels, 26 October 2022: Roma Rights activists in Prague have filed criminal complaints for incitement to racial hatred against Roma on social media. The complaints were based on evidence collected by Romani volunteers working on a project with Czech Romani news portal, Romea, and the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC). The complaints were filed with the Police Presidium today by lawyers from the Czech human rights organisation, the Forum for Human Rights.

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Ukrainian Roma Take Legal Action Over Pepper Spray Attack in Moldovan Refugee Centre

10 October 2022

Brussels, 10 October 2022: A group of Romani refugees who were attacked by security guards with tear gas at a refugee shelter in Chisinau, Moldova are taking legal action against the shelter for racial discrimination before the Council on Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality. A criminal complaint against the assailants has also been initiated ex officio by the public prosecutor. The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) will represent the Romani litigants in both proceedings.

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