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RISC: Stop Discrimination of Roma in State Care

20 November 2017

Budapest, 20 November 2017: Today on Universal Children’s Day, the European Roma Rights Centre is launching our RISC (Roma in State Care) campaign. Romani children are significantly overrepresented in state care in various countries across Europe. We have taken many cases, mainly in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Albania, where Romani children make up more than 80% of all children in state care. We know this is happening in other countries and we want to make sure that the extent of this problem is revealed in any, and every European country that illegally discriminates against Romani families in their care system.

We have found the special attention paid to Roma to be a result of systemic racism, often at all levels of the care system and judiciary, meaning Romani children are often unfairly taken away from their parents.

We want Roma, and Roma Rights Defenders, to challenge institutional racism and help us stop Romani children from being illegally placed in care because of discrimination. We have created an online resource centre for activists and legal practitioners to use to fight against discrimination in placing Romani children in State Care.

Poverty is not an excuse to take away children from their parents. It is also illegal, and states have an obligation to provide social housing for the whole family, not just take away their kids. It seems that when being poor intersects with being Romani, many people think that removing the child from their family is excusable. We think this is plainly wrong, illegal as well as being morally reprehensible.

We worked with Romani children to create a short campaign video to explain how this discrimination works, and why it is illegal in very simple terms that anyone can understand. We are working on other language versions as fast as we can!

Keep an eye on the online resource centre, where we will be releasing new research on the overrepresentation of Roma in state care soon. Our hope is that we can provide the tools necessary for Roma to fight back against institutional racism using the power of the law. The resource centre will provide a legal toolkit which can be used to take cases against authorities and institutions who discriminate against Romani families.

For more information, or to arrange an interview contact:

Jonathan Lee
Communications Coordinator
European Roma Rights Centre

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ERRC submission to UN HRC on Hungary (February 2018)

14 February 2018

Written Comments of the European Roma Rights Centre concerning Hungary to the UN Human Rights Committee for consideration at its 122nd session (12 Narch - 6 April 2018).

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The Fragility of Professional Competence: A Preliminary Account of Child Protection Practice with Romani and Traveller Children in England

24 January 2018

Romani and Traveller children in England are much more likely to be taken into state care than the majority population, and the numbers are rising. Between 2009 and 2016 the number of Irish Travellers in care has risen by 400% and the number of Romani children has risen 933%. The increases are not consistent with national trends, and when compared to population data, suggest that Romani and Traveller children living in the UK could be 3 times more likely be taken into public care than any other child. 

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Families Divided: Romani and Egyptian Children in Albanian Institutions

21 November 2017

There’s a high percentage of Romani and Egyptian children in children’s homes in Albania – a disproportionate number. These children are often put into institutions because of poverty, and then find it impossible ever to return to their families. Because of centuries of discrimination Roma and Egyptians in Albania are less likely to live in adequate housing, less likely to be employed and more likely to feel the effects of extreme poverty.

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