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Roma Rights 1, 2006: Exclusion from Employment

3rd, April, 2006

The massive and disproportionate exclusion of Roma from employment is an undisputed reality in many countries. This fact raises serious human rights concerns about the failure of governments to curb racial discrimination in employment as well as to undertake proactive measures to confront disadvantages facing Roma at the labour market.

The current issue of Roma Rights presents, among other things, a summary of recent ERRC research in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia on discrimination of Roma in the labour market. This issue of Roma Rights also examines the effectiveness of various approaches to tackling employment inequalities, as well as a range of other relevant issues.

Roma Rights 1, 2006 Exclusion from Employment (PDF)

Tackling the Systemic Exclusion of Roma from Employment (Savelina Danova-Russinova) 

Systemic Exclusion of Roma from Employment (Ann Hyde) 

The Fair Employment and Treatment Order (FETO) Northern Ireland

Activation Policy in Slovakia: Another Failing Experiment? (Laco Oravec and Zuzana Bošelová)  

The Multiregional Operational Program Fight Against Discrimination Actions aimed at the Romani Community in Spain

Positive Action as a Tool in Promoting Access to Employment (Erika Szyszczak)  

Few and Neglected: Roma and Sinti in the Netherlands (Peter R. Rodrigues) 

Albania * Belarus * Bosnia and Herzegovina * Bulgaria * Croatia * Czech Republic * France * Germany * Greece * Hungary * Ireland * Italy * Kosovo * Macedonia * Romania * Russia * Serbia and Montenegro * Slovakia * Turkey * United Kingdom

Groundbreaking Report by Czech Ombudsman Recognises  (Claude Cahn)  

Litigating Discrimination in Access to Employment in Hungary (Bea Bodrogi and Anita Danka)  

A Social Catastrophe: How Politics and Business Contrived to Expel Roma from Their Homes (Stephania Kulaeva)  

Judges Training in Ukraine (Larry Olomoofe)  

Challenges (Erika Szyszczak) 



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