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Roma Rights 1 2014: Going Nowhere? Western Balkan Roma and EU Visa Liberalisation

1st, October, 2014

This issue of Roma Rights draws attention to Roma from the Western Balkans and EU visa liberalisation. Migration of Roma from the Western Balkans has attracted significant attention, which at times amounts to hysteria. It has had an impact on migration policy both in countries of origin and target countries for migration. Romani migration has also become a common topic in public discourse, often framed in negatively by media and by public figures. The articles in this issue assess the motivations for Romani migration, the impact of migration policies on Roma, and the experience of Romani migrants. 

Roma Rights 1 2014: Going Nowhere? (PDF)


Potential Romani Migrants from the Western Balkans

Romani Minorities and the Variety of Migration Patterns in the Post-Yugoslav Space1

Macedonia – Creating a Padlocked Cage for Roma Called “Measures for False Asylum Seekers”

Romani Migration Resulting in Statelessness: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Residence: Nowhere

The Challenge Romani Migration Presents to EU Societies

The Pursuit of “Happiness”

Romani Migration: Is it a Poverty-Coping Method?

Blitzverfahren - German Asylum Procedures for Roma from Western Balkan Countries

Counting on Confusion: Romani Asylum-Seekers in the German Media, 2012-2013

Romani Migration in the EU: the Dutch Case of Setting Boundaries

Expanding the Analytic Lens - Potential Approaches in Migration Studies

Report from the Belgrade Workshop on Romani Migration and Visa Liberalisation

How to Litigate Strategically: Challenging Restrictions on the Rights of Roma in the Western Balkans to Leave their Countries

Case Summary and Commentary

Book Reviews

Weapons, not Lessons: Remembering Professor Piero Colacicchi (1937-2014)

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