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Roma Rights 2, 1999: Roma and the Kosovo Conflict

15th, July, 1999

We devote this issue to the Roma of Kosovo, who – in the circumstances – will be the last to ever read it. We cannot mail copies to them either: they are scattered all over the continent, and given Europe’s ‘hospitality’ to Roma, it will take a very long time for them to obtain mailing addresses anywhere. As to Romani readers inside Kosovo, our mail would be going to empty neighbourhoods and ruins.

The Roma of Kosovo (Dimitrina Petrova) 

Austria - Bosnia-Herzegovina - Bulgaria - Croatia - Czech Republic - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy Macedonia - Romania - Slovakia - Spain - United Kingdom  

Roma and the Kosovo conflict (Claude Cahn, Tatjana Perić) 

ERRC in Kosovo: pogrom situation (Claude Cahn, Deyan Kiuranov) 

Romani refugees from Kosovo in Albania (Kate Carlisle) 

Declaration of the participants in the Balkan Roma conference for peace and security 

The last Yugoslavs (Orhan Galjus) 

Lawsuits filed by Roma challenge racial segregation in Czech schools (James Goldston) 

Bringing cases challenging discrimination against Romani children in remedial special schools (Branimir Pleše) 

Workshop on human rights litigation on behalf of Roma (Alicia Teruel Perez) 

Discrimination and the Romani complex (Ivan Ivanov)  


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