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Roma Rights, Summer 1997: Romani Holocaust

15th, July, 1997

The memory of the Romani Holocaust – i.e. the man-made end of the world for hundreds of thousands of European Gypsies - is being brought back to life in the Roma rights movement. The Romani Holocaust is the central theme of this issue. We present the official complaint filed by a group of Czech Romani and non-Romani citizens and demanding prosecution of a person who they believe shared the responsibility for the Romani genocide in 1942-1943. We also publish testimony by Roma people whose memories, however intimate, should inhabit a public space.


The manufactured troubles of Ľudovit Gorej  

Bulgaria * Czech Republic * France * Greece * Hungary * Moldova * Poland* Romania * Slovakia * Slovenia 

The Roma of Ukraine In word and fact (The treatment of Roma in the Ukrainian press shows signs of change, but the treatment of Roma by the legal system does not) 

Race discrimination impact litigation in Eastern Europe (A discussion of legal strategies to confront racial discrimination) 

Bulgarian criminal court convicts and sentences skinheads for racially motivated murder of a Romani man (A case report of the ERRC)  

Statement of the ERRC on the occasion of the acceptance of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland into NATO  

Romani Holocaust (Official complaint against Czech war criminal) 

A nikdo vám nebude věřit 

Testimony from Janina Sadowska, Holocaust survivor 

Memory needs a place 

Moldova (ERRC researcher Veronika Leile Szente presents the findings of her May 1997 fact-finding mission)  

Teaching the basics of human rights work  

Activities: April - July 1997

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