Somewhere between Indifference and Rejection: Sinti and Roma in Germany


The recent study published by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS) has found that Sinti and Roma face more discrimination than any other minority group in Germany. The head of the Agency, Christine Lüders described the findings as dramatic, stating that "Indifference, ignorance and denial are the fatal mixture that lay the groundwork for discrimination against the Sinti and Roma people.”

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Forced Evictions and Shattered Lives


By Crina Elena Morteanu  

As various reports indicate, thousands of Roma face evictions in Romania. Under the pretext of urban regeneration or development, entire communities are swept away in forced evictions and house demolitions. The lack of documentation proving ownership is the legal reason most often cited by the authorities to justify such actions. That is the reason communities were evicted in two cases currently being monitored by the European Roma Rights Centre: one in Pata-Rat (Cluj-Napoca) and another in Eforie Sud (Constanta)

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Hope Trumps Despair: Three Romani Women’s Struggle for Dignity in France


By Maria Radu, Lenuta Sztan and Rodica Varga

Lenuta Sztan, Maria Radu and Rodica Varga made invaluable contributions as project assistants in the production of the recent ERRC report, Destroying Progress/ Progressing Destruction: EU Romani Women and Children in France. The report addresses the harrowing conditions endured by EU citizens of Romani origin in informal settlements. The following blog contributions from Lenuta, Maria, and Rodica are vivid personal accounts of the realities on the ground, and provide eloquent testament of the women’s resilience, determination and hope for the future in the face of daunting odds, acute deprivation and degrading treatment. 

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Beyond delusions: A 21st Century Manifesto


By Bernard Rorke 

Valeriu Nicolae, We are the Roma! One thousand years of discrimination, Seagull Books, 2013

Valeriu Nicolae packs one thousand years into one hundred pages in this bracing manifesto for the 21st Century, covering racism, identity, mass media, slavery, ghetto life, affirmative action, social inclusion and much more.

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Welcome to the ERRC blog from Bernard Rorke (Editor) and Rob Kushen (Board Chair)


Bernard RorkeAs editor, it’s a real privilege to welcome you to the new ERRC blog.

Rob Kushen: As Board Chair, I am honored to bring you this short introduction.

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