June 1, 2001: Published Biannual Report 1999-2000.

June 23, 2001: Published a compilation of ERRC material on Ukraine, entitled Focus: Roma Rights in Ukraine, to coincide with the country's appearance before a number of human rights monitoring bodies in 2001.


March 31-April 1, 2001: Attended a conference on humanitarian assistance and human rights organised by the International Council on Human Rights Policy, Geneva, Switzerland.

April 9-10, 2001: Participated in a preparatory conference in Bucharest, Romania, on children organised by UNICEF to prepare for the United Nations General Assembly special session on children.

April 19, 2001: Addressed a meeting of activists and journalists in Oslo, Norway, organised by the Rainbow Association.

April 20, 2001: Addressed a forum of activists and journalists in Tromso, Norway, organised by the Rainbow Association.

April 20-21, 2001: Organised a workshop on anti-discrimination litigation before international and domestic courts in Sofia, in co-operation with the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee. The event brought together many Bulgarian and international lawyers, including lawyers from the European Court of Human Rights and the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance.

April 26, 2001: Attended a roundtable meeting at the Canadian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary, on the issue of discrimination in employment.

April 27-30, 2001: Participated in a conference entitled "The desegregation of Romani schools in Bulgaria - a Condition for an Equal Start for Roma", Sofia, Bulgaria.

May 15-18, 2001: Participated in a preparatory conference in Berlin, Germany, organised by UNICEF to prepare for the United Nations General Assembly special session on children later this year.

May 20-22, 2001: Attended the eighth meeting of the government offices of the Stability Pact project, Strasbourg, France.

May 22-23, 2001: Attended and participated in the second session of the European Preparatory Conference for the World Conference Against Racism, Geneva, Switzerland.

June 11, 2001: Attended a meeting convened in Budapest by Amnesty International to discuss anti-discrimination law in Hungary.

June 17-20, 2001: Participated in a meeting with the Justice & Peace Commission and CORDAID (Catholic NGOs) to discuss joint preparation for the World Conference Against Racism in September 2001, in The Hague, Netherlands.

June 18, 2001: Gave introductory speech at OSCE supplementary human dimension meeting on "Tolerance and Non-Discrimination: Legal and Administrative Measures", Vienna, Austria.

June 18-20, 2001: Organised, together with the Council of Europe, a human rights litigation workshop in Strasbourg, France, for lawyers involved in providing legal assistance to Romani victims of human rights abuse.

June 20-22, 2001: Attended a Council of Europe seminar on "Human rights standards applying to the holding of aliens wishing to enter a Council of Europe member State and to the enforcement of expulsion orders", Strasbourg, France.

June 29-30: Held a legal workshop on the technique of testing, Budapest, Hungary.

June 30-July 8, 2001: Held a summer university for twenty-four ERRC scholarship grant recipients, who are Romani students of law and public administration, Budapest, Hungary.

July 5-6, 2001: Attended the Regional Ministerial Conference on National and Ethnic Communities and Minorities in South-Eastern Europe organised by the Yugoslav Federal Ministry of National and Ethnic Communities.

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