Hungarian Ministry of Justice plans laws against discrimination at the workplace

On October 1, 1998, the Hungarian Minister of Justice Ms Ibolya Dávid accepted the recommendation of the Parliamentary Ombudsman for Minorities to investigate what new laws are needed to fight discrimination at the workplace. She is also considering the reimplementation of an earlier decree that prescribed fines for any advertisement in contravention of the law, offending public morals or likely to deceive the interested parties.

The Ombudsman's recommendation came as a result of an advertisement in an advertising daily, in which an entrepreneur sought only white employees (see Roma Rights Summer 1998). The ombudsman found this advertisement to be in violation of the Constitution and the existing laws, and he asked the Ministry of Justice to investigate the legal background required to confront discrimination at the workplace.

Minister of Justice said that her office will soon start preparations for new and more effective measures. Since petty offenses come under the competence of the Ministry of Interior, they have been contacted for their co-operation in the investigation. The Ministry of Justice is working on a new decree similar to the one abolished in 1991. The new decree on advertising would punish the advertiser as well as the publisher of the ad, said the Minister. (Roma Press Center)

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