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Roma Rights 4, 2006: Romani Women's Rights Movement

27th, April, 2007

The current issue of Roma Rights issue looks at the responses of Romani women to some of the human rights violations Romani women face. The Romani women's movement has evolved organically through the wider pursuit of Roma rights by Romani women and men over the years in response to the initial (and mostly continuing) lack of attention to women's issues on the part of the predominantly male "leaders"; some of whom viewed patriarchal traditions as integral components of Romani identity and culture. Romani women's first steps to speak out about their rights as women and to challenge the idea that certain practices are a part of Romani culture have often been met with criticism, rejection or have been simply ignored. The fact is that women's rights in all contexts tend to be a cause of controversy, but particularly when in juxtaposition with other characteristics such as race or ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, etc. This issue provides a few examples of current Romani women's actions and reflections.

Download Roma Rights 4/2006: Romani Women's Rights Movement (PDF)

Romani Women's Rights (Ostalinda Maya Ovalle)

Romani Women's Rights at the European Level (Lívia Járóka)

The Romani Women's Movement in Montenegro: Chapter One (Tatjana Perić)

Shifting from Terminology to Substance (Azbija Memedova)

Coping with Coercive Sterilisation (Lucie Fremlová)

Coercive Sterilisation in Czech Republic: Civil and Criminal Law Aspects (Michaela Kopalová)

In the Name of Reproductive Rights; Litigating before the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (Anita Danka)

Bulgaria * Czech Republic * Europe * France * Greece * Hungary * Italy * Lithuania * Romania * Russia * Serbia * Slovenia * Spain * Turkey * Ukraine * United Kingdom

You have the Right but not the Opportunity (Larry Olomoofe)

European Roma Rights Centre Statement on Romani Women's Rights

The Romani Women's Movement: From East to West

Comfort in Times of Change (Dimitrina Petrova)


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