Public Officials in Ukraine Should Cease Anti-Roma Statements

28 May 2013

Budapest, Kiev, 28 May 2013: European Roma Rights Centre and Chiricli urge Ukrainian authorities to refrain from anti-Roma statements and observe principles of equality and non-discrimination.

Today ERRC and Chiricli have sent a letter of concern to Secretary of Yalta City Council Sergei Ilash, who reportedly made a shocking statement concerning Roma minority in Yalta during a meeting with the representatives of Yalta military on 23 May 2013. The ERRC and Chiricli are deeply concerned with the tone and expressions used by the public official during his speech and  have urged public officials to refrain from the statements that create an extremely negative image of Roma and have the potential to ignite social tensions. The ERRC and Chiricli remind Ukrainian authorities of their obligations under national and international law to ensure equality and protection from discrimination to everyone irrespective of race, ethnicity and other grounds.

The letter is available in Russian.

For further information:

Sinan Gokçen
ERRC Media and Communications Officer


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