Ten Pictures That Tell Us Human Stories of the Forgotten Holocaust

31 July 2015

Remember #RomaHolocaust campaign goes viral

“The world has learned nothing from the Holocaust” - says Sinto Holocaust Survivor Zoni Weisz, whose entire family was murdered by the Nazis. He often calls the Roma Holocaust a forgotten Holocaust because most people have never heard about it. This is why we’ve launched an online campaign related to the day of commemoration of the Roma Holocaust. The campaign has already reached more than 100,000 people.

During the Nazi efforts to eradicate Roma from Europe, hundreds of thousands of people were tortured and killed. Roma people were also often subjected to medical experiments. 

“The European Roma Rights Centre fights against the exclusion and oppression of Roma people throughout Europe every day. We have to make sure such a tragedy as the Holocaust can never happen again” says the ERRC’s Networking and Research Director Djordje Jovanovic, whose family members were also deported to forced labour camps and killed in the Nazi period. 

In the 10 days before 2 August 2015, the ERRC is using its social media channels as well as media contacts to distribute information about the genocide. The campaign consists of selected individual stories of victims and less known facts about the hardships of Roma during the Holocaust. We used original photos provided by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to illustrate these stories and facts. The campaign has already reached more than 100,000 people during its first days. 

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