Domestic Cases: Albania

Access to Education

Segregation through social assistance

The ERRC is complaining about a school all of whose pupils are Roma or Egyptian. Although there are three schools in the catchment area, and the other two are racially integrated, poor parents from these minority communities have been induced to enrol their children in this school in order to secure social support (mainly food packages).

Avdyl Avdya

This is a segregated elementary school in a Roma settlement in Morave, Berat (Albania).  The school is located in a Romani settlement, where it was built as an annex to another school, in whose catchment area the settlement is located, and which has only non-Roma children. The ERRC is pursuing complaints about the school in Albania. After discovering that the recent refurbishment of the school was funded by the Czech Embassy in Tirana, we also started pursuing complaints in the Czech Republic, alleging that the Czech Embassy is funding school segregation abroad.

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