Domestic Cases: Slovakia

Access to Education

Misdiagnosis in Plavecky Stvrtok

A Roma child was misdiagnosed with an intellectual disability in 2005, which lead to him being transferred wrongly to a special class for children with “light mental disabilities". The ERRC is supporting him in challenging the discriminatory practice of misdiagnosing Roma children as having intellectual disabilities.

Access to Housing

Demolition in Košice

In October 2012, with very little notice, a Roma settlement was demolished without following the proper procedures instead using environmental law as pretext. The ERRC is legally supporting those evicted with their anti-discrimination harassment claim.

Demolition in Plavecky Stvrtok

The local Building Authority ordered demolition of houses in Roma settlement in Plavecky Stvrtok. The ERRC is supporting those under threat of eviction by challenging the demolition order.

Demolition in Krasnohorske Podhradie

The local Building Authority ordered the demolition of houses in a Roma settlement in Krasnohorske Podhradie. The ERRC is supporting those under threat of eviction and seeking legalisation of their houses.

State Response to Violence and Hate Speech

Moldava nad Bodvou Raid

In June 2013, a police raid took place in Moldava nad Bodvou involving violent behaviour and search of houses and flats without showing any warrants issued by authorities. The ERRC is supporting the victims to challenge this police violence which appears to be racially motivated.

Moldava nad Bodvou Detention

A young Roma man with diagnosed intellectual disability was kept in custody after the Moldava raid contrary to valid criminal procedural law. The ERRC is supporting him in his damages claim against the state.

Hurbanovo Killings

An off-duty police officer opened fire on a Roma family, killing some of them, in May 2012. The ERRC is supporting the next of kin in challenging the particularly light sentence that the murderer was given (9 years and medical treatment) and the failure to take into account the racist motive.

Kezmarok District Raids

In August and October 2012, there was a series of police raids in three villages in Kezmarok district: Strane pof Tatrami, Huncovce and Podhorany. Police entered houses in the settlements and searched them without providing warrants, whilst physically and verbally abusing people including elderly people and people with disabilities. The ERRC is supporting the victims of police violence in securing an effective investigation.

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