Domestic Cases: Free Movement and Migration


Detention of EU citizens

Several Romanian (i.e. EU citizen) Roma were detained and removed from Denmark. With the ERRC’s help, they have already established that their expulsion was unlawful. The ERRC is now supporting them to secure compensation for their unlawful detention.


State of Emergency Follow Up Cases (Milan)

During the State of Emergency declared in Italy concerning Roma, which was subsequently ruled unlawful, the authorities processed significant amounts of personal data of Roma (for example, taking and recording their fingerprints). The ERRC is supporting some of those whose data was processed to challenge the violation of their rights resulting from this data processing.


Border discrimination and passport confiscation

In 2009, the Macedonian government introduced a set of repressive measures aimed at preventing its citizens from leaving the country, including passport confiscation, enhanced border controls, and profiling. These measures almost exclusively result in Roma being refused the right to leave their own country. The ERRC, together with the Macedonian Young Lawyers’ Association and lawyers, is supporting some of those Roma who were either forbidden to leave the country or whose passports were confiscated to challenge the discriminatory and otherwise unlawful conduct of the authorities in a series of cases. The ERRC is supporting the litigation of 14 individual cases of people who allege they were racially profiled, as well as a further case resulting from situation testing the ERRC organised.


Serbian border refusal

Macedonian citizens are normally allowed to enter Serbia without difficulties. However, a Romani man with Macedonian citizenship was heading to Germany to visit his son; he was refused entry to Serbia, together with the entire group of passengers from Macedonia, all Roma, travelling in a taxi van. The ERRC is supporting the client is bringing a discrimination claim against the Serbian authorities.

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